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Heraldry, History, Holidays, Holograms, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary

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  • Heraldry (i.e. 'Coats of Arms')  
    1. Association des collectionneurs de Flammes et d'Estampilles, France

  • Holidays    
    1. Christmas Philatelic Club, KY 40505, USA

    3. Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society, KS 67218, USA
    4. Holyland Philatelic Society, UK
      Cite / See Also : Topical Collecting : Religon

  • History
    See: Topical Directory : History & Events

  • Holograms
      See Also : Topical Collecting : Misc.: Holograms

  • Honduras
    1. Honduras Collectors Club, FL 33097, USA

    2. Honduras Collectors ( a Yahoo! club)

      ->See Also: Clubs : (in) Honduras

  • Hong Kong (PR China)
    1. UK: Hong Kong Study Circle (HKSC)
      Publication: Hong Kong Study Circle Buletin
      Contacts: (c.2007)
      Mr. E. Wardern
      'ANZAC', 251B Boxley Road, Maidstone, Kent ME14 2AS, UK
      Mr. I.G. Nessel
      P.O. Box 92531, Brampton, ON L6W 4R1, Canada
      Dr. A.M.T. (Andrew) Cheung
      P.O. Box 50492, Sai Yin Pun, Hong Kong

    2. US: Hong Kong Stamp Society (HKSS) APS-12
      @, Publication: Hong Kong Philatelist
      Membership: Dr. A. M. {An-min} Chung, (c.2008)
      3300 Darby Road - Cottage 503, Haverford, PA 19041-1064, USA
      Pres./Ed.: Ming W. Tsang, Tel.: (215) 576-6850 (c.2005-2012)
      P. O. Box 206, Glenside, PA 19038
      Webmaster: Mr Rodney Sell, E-mail, Australia
      "The Society was formed in 1992, in the USA, to promote the collection, study, and sales of Hong Kong stamps, covers, and other philatelic items. More than 800 members from over 30 countries have joined. ... The Expert Commitee of the Society consists of highly qualified philatelists. The Society issues certificates for Hong Kong philatelic items with discounts for members. Free identification is also available for members."

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Hong Kong

  • Hungary
    1. AU: VIC: Hungarian Turual Philatelic Society

    2. UK: Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain

    3. US: Society for Hungarian Philately

      ->See Also: Clubs (in) : Hungary


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