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  1. Haiti, A Selection of Seldom Seen & Unusual Items 1843-1904 - Peter C. Jeannopoulos, .us
  2. Haiti Philatelic Homepage - Dr. Gerald Boarino, .us
  3. The Haiti Philatelic Homepage - Dr. Gerald L. Boarino
    Includes: Haiti Philatelic Society data: Mr. Ubaldo del Toro
    5709 Marble Archway, Alexandria, VA 22310, USA
    Herm Isl

  1. Herm Island

  1. Honduras Collectors ( in Yahoo! clubs)
    Hong Kong

  1. The Hong Kong Treaty Ports - Robert J.B. Wilson, .us
  2. Hong Kong Stamp Catalogue - Lam Wang Yuen (Patrick Lam)
  3. Hong Kong Stamps' Home Page (Clement Liang - Hong Kong)
  4. Hong Kong Stamps - Danny Ko, .hk
  5. China and Hong Kong - stampNETion. Daniel Wong, .hk

  1. Hungary & USSR - Jan Lagenberg, .nl
  2. Interfila - Hungarian Philatelic Magazine - .hu
  3. Hungarian Philatelic Magazine - .hu ; diff. URL
  4. Hungarian Airmails - Victor G. Berecz, Jr
  5. Hungary - Dr. Nikola Dogovic
  6. Illustated List of Recent Hungarian Stamps - Sandor Frey, .hu
  7. Hungarian Stamp Collecting - Pierre Vattepain, .fr
  8. Hungarian Stamps and Trading - Zoltan Miklos, .be  
  9. Hungarian Poster Stamps and Similar Cinderellas, by Ch. Blase
    reviewed by the Cinderella Stamp Club, ".. In our opinion, this is one of the finest books ever published anywhere on cinderellas"; 548 text pages plus 278 pages of illustrations on CD-ROM." - The Cinderella Philatelist: Volume 42 No. 2 - April 2002. Available from World Poster Stamps, .uk-HA

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