~Tear Me~

Notes: Okay, this one is dedicated to the kind lady who sent me the lyrics. ~_~ Arigato! It really is a great song, not sure if I captured the mood... actually the song doesn't seem to have 'anything' to do with the fic, but I stared and stared at the lyrics and in the end this little piece took form. Maybe if I knew more anime's I would have thought of someone more fitting to the lyrics but.. ah well. My muses are strange.
Oh right! The characters are from Weiss Kruez.
*sighs* It IS sorta a songfic and I just HATE songfics.... damn.... I'd say PWP, but I don't write PWP... Heh. However I will say this is a mindless piece of drivel. Don't ask where it came from, don't ask for more like this. *sigh* I don't plan on writing anything as stupid as this again... ever.

Warnings: Well... yaoi. Hot, sweaty boy sex. *rolls eyes* Duh.

Somehow he always manages to make me sweat. He's younger than me, and not half as strong, and yet I still find myself intimidated by him. He stands several feet away, staring intensely at the television. What could be so interesting? I glance at the TV but the screen is black. He's strange like that. He'll just sit there watching a blank screen for hours, this intense expression on his face. I tried sitting with him once, but he ignored me. He ignores me alot.

And still... despite this, I feel like I do towards him.

I puff on my cigarette, it's my lifeline. The blood in my veins. No, I lied. Alcohol is the blood in my veins, cigarettes are the fuel that keeps my brain working. I told Aya this once. He looked at me, real cold like, and called me an idiot. Yeah. I'm an idiot. Of all the people to lust over, I decided to lust over Aya.

But damn he's hot. How does one 'not' lust after him?

I flick the cigarette to the floor and grind it with my heel. Omi will get angry when he sees that, but I don't care. He's not here now. "Shop closes in an hour."

Aya nodded minutely, not taking his eyes away from that empty screen. "We're alone."

Another minute nod. I wonder if he's even listening to me.

"We could screw like rabbits. No one's likely to come in."

A minute nod. Yep. He's definately not listening. With a shrug I jump over the back of the couch and settle onto the cushion beside the one he's sitting on. "Well all right. But only if you're sure."

This time he does look at me. I grin, and going for broke I grab the back of his head and pull him in for a kiss.

Holy shit but he packs a punch. Suddenly I find myself lying flat on my back staring at his very angry face. I rub my jaw and grin up at him, "You could have just said no."

He reaches up, touches his lip. There's this really cute, confused expression on his face. He liked the kiss. I can see it in his face. He just doesn't know why, or what to do about it. Well... I do.

I get to my feet and continue to smile at him, "Felt good didn't it?"

"Shut up." He growls, eyeing me warily.

"What would it hurt? You want to experiment, experiment with me." I held my hands out from my body, indicating that I was harmless. "If you like it, great! We'll both get lucky. If you hate it then we'll both forget it happened and go on with our lives... No pressure. No worries. No strings."

He just stares at me, looking stunned. He knows exactly what I'm talking about. As much as he ignores me I've seen the looks he gives Ken and Omi, who have recently become a couple. He's curious about relationships, though I don't know if he's curious about gay relationships or just relationships in general.

"No strings?" He says after a long, tense silence.

"No strings."

He glances up. He's thinking about the shop. After all we're in the shop basement and just over us an older woman is tending the shop. If she happened to come down... well, it would be embarassing but the danger is half the fun. He nods, reaching up and ripping off his shirt in one easy movement. Then he's kissing me and it's all I can do to breathe.


We're naked faster than it takes for him to draw his sword. Now that he's decided he 'wants' to do it he's aggressive. I don't mind, not much. Just wish he'd let me breathe dammit.

His hands touch me everywhere but nowhere long enough. I try to break the kiss so I can order him to 'touch' me dammit, but he stubbornly continues to play war with my tongue, unwillingly to stop kissing me. So I show him instead by trailing my hands down his stomach and playfully running the tips of my fingers over his aroused member.

He groans into my mouth, finally breaking the kiss. "Top? Bottom?" I whisper hoarsely, sucking in the air that he's deprived me of.

"Bottom." He growls, kissing me again and sucking on my tongue.

Bottom? Well, now that's surprising. He's certainly not 'acting' like a bottom. Damn him anyway. I wanted to control this, but... hell, I can't complain.

I wrap my fingers around his cock, he moans again, but this time he doesn't break the kiss. Together we fall to the floor, him on top. He's rubbing against me furiously, obviously excited. I jerk my head to the side, effectively freeing my mouth. "You keep that up and we won't have a chance 'to' engage in the finer things in life." I growl, placing my hands on his shoulders and rolling us over so I'm on top.

"Dammit Aya. I'm the seme. You just lay there and look pretty."

He raises his eyebrows, but doesn't comment. Surprising. I would have thought he'd be more vocal about 'that'. Instead he lays still as I trail kisses down his chest and lick at his balls. Too still. I think I liked him more active. Ah well, this'll give me a chance to assert my authority... yeah right.


He refuses to face me as I take him. He insists on laying on his stomach. I would have preferred to have him facing me. Would have preferred to be able to see his face as I entered him, but he insisted.

With the help of lubricant he's quite easy to enter. Tight, warm, and yet just right. We both groan as I slide deep. I lay still for a moment, allowing him to adjust. Then his hips start bucking up and my hips start moving with his. I shouldn't be, and yet I find myself thinking. Thinking about what this will mean in the end. How he'll treat this when it's done. Wether or not he'll decide he likes it and wants to keep doing it with me. I always have been masochistic.

I've got a gorgeous redhead writhing beneath me, begging to be fucked and I'm thinking of 'after'.

At least...




You know the scene. Rumpled sheets, naked bodies, cigarette smoke wafting in the air and a sultry female voice saying: It was good for me. Was it good for you? Sometimes the voice is male, but we've all seen the scene sometime, somewhere. As I light up the cigarette Aya turns his head to glower at me.

I just grin.

We're lying side by side on the floor, both naked and sweaty. The room is heavy with the smell of sex. I'm not sure how long we were going at it, but it 'feels' late. "So," Here comes the 'was it good for you?' line. Who said I was original. "Like? Hate?"

He stares at me, eyes intense. "Put that thing out." He growls.

Not what I was expecting. I shrug and drop the cigarette onto the floor. I'm about to grind it into the rug when he reaches over with a curse and grabs it. "Idiot." He mutters, sitting up and placing the cigarette into the ashtray that sits on the coffee table.

Yeah. Maybe I am. I just don't appreciate him telling me so. "Yeah, whatever." I get to my feet and wander around the room gathering my clothes and pulling them on, "I'm outta' here."

"You're leaving?" He looks at me with a wide, surprised gaze.

"No strings remember? Fuck, it was good. You've got a nice ass Aya." I run a quick hand through my hair, "You'd better get dressed, shop closes in five." How do I know this? I looked at my watch. See, another orginal idea.

His eyes burn into my back as I head towards the stairs.

"I did like it." He says quietly, so quietly I almost miss it.

I smile, not bothering to turn to look at him. I don't want him to see the smile. As casually as I can I say, "Anytime you want a repeat... you know where to find me."

The shop is cool, probably from having so many customers walk in and out. I stop just inside the basement door and breathe in deeply. What I need now, is something to drink. I walk to the front desk, Mrs. Aerius is there, she sees me and smiles. "Hello Yohji."

I smile back, "Much business?"

"Well, mostly young girls asking to see you boys...." She pauses, looking a bit uncomfortable, "Er.. did you boys have a fight? I heard... moaning."

The perfect end to the perfect evening.

I laugh.

So hard tears stream down my cheeks.

Somewhere amidst the laughter I'm aware of the fact that Aya has come up the stairs and is standing just inside the shop staring at me, but I just can't stop laughing.

Sometimes the strangest things can hit a person's funny bone.

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