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Here is a list of some interesting sites that I thought you might enjoy! These sites have excellent free downloads that helped create the pages on this site.

  • Anfy   This site has a free download to create applets; this is how the effects of the spotlight on the shield on the Homepage were created.
  • Iron Spider   This site has free website templates.
  • Elated PageKits   For Web site templates, check this site out.
  •   The Welcome splash page to this website is based on a template by
  •  GuestGEAR Code for the Guest Book is from this site.
  •  Tell a Friend Code, Email Form, and Quick Poll Code are from Bravenet.

The following link is used by permission from the Canadian Museum of Civilization:

If you are looking for a great place to stay while visiting the Queen Charlotte Islands, check out these sites:

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