I've reorganized the pictures somewhat, created thumbnails and tried to set them up in some sort of logical order. I've added quite a few new pictures, although some of them have been at the two family sites I have for quite some time. Enjoy!!.

Miscellaneous Photos -- Some of these are quite old. There are even a couple of baby pictures of me. As I have the chance to scan in more of these older pictures, I may break some of these out into topics like my wedding and so forth, but for now, they are all thrown in together.

Christmas 1998 -- These were all taken on Christmas Day, the year I got my Kodak Avantix camera.

Matthew Page 1 -- You guessed it, lots of pictures of Matthew from the day he was born to his first hair cut.

Matthew Page 2 -- Yep, even more pictures of Matthew from April of 1999 to the present.

Redmond-Belleview Photos -- Pictures of the area we live in.

Christmas 1999 -- There are only a few here right now, but these were taken while my Mom and Dad were visiting.

April 2000 -- We went to The Enchanted Village a few weeks ago and this is the result. Twenty-seven brand new photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Election Day 2000 -- I took the day off Election Day and Warren, Matt and I went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.

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