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As I promised, here is a quick tour of our home. Remember to check back often to see what's new. If you have suggestions, please send them to me at: [email protected] and if I use your idea, I'll give you credit.

* Go to the What's New page to find out about the latest changes and additions to the Smith Family Cyber-Home. You won't find family news here, just new about this site.
* This is the Site Map and, as you can see, it consists of a sentence or two describing each major section of the web site.
* The Family Room is where you'll find links to the latest news about our family. From here you can get to family news, our photo album and other related things. Those of you who came in on the Smith Family Webring or the Protect Prince William & Harry Webring can catch your rides here. The link for the Family Connection Ring and the Ring Mistress Ring are also here. The Ring Mistress Ring is for women who own and operate webrings. I was flattered to be invited to join it.
* The Playroom has links to fun stuff. We've started off with a couple of games and will go on from there. Our little mouse, Matthew, lives here and will show you around. By the way, Matthew was named for my son (obviously!) and is an orphan mouse, adopted from The Mousepad. All of the graphics for his furniture, his toys and his parent mice came from there as well. This is the only room in our cyber-home where I did not create the majority of the graphics myself.
* In the Kitchen, we can sit and talk. Have a cup of hot coffee, and maybe a slab of hot apple pie and just visit. We have some recipes in our own kitchen and links to a few other places where you can find recipes. Use the message board to give us little bits of information about your family, comment on the recipes, ask questions about HTML or other home page related questions or just say "Hi!"
* In our Library, you will find links to all kinds of reference materials, news, books on line, just about anything you would normally find in a library. We have links to a few general reference sites and links to a few archives where you can read entire books online. That is, books that have entered the public domain and are no longer protected by copyright. This page will continue to grow for some time. If you know of a good general resource that you think should go here, let me know and I'll consider adding it.
* The Office is where you can get help with making your web site the best it can be. You will find some articles on web design and graphic design that I have written and links to some of the key places in GeoCities where you can get additional help.
* The Guest Room is the next to the last stop on our tour. To help entertain guests who are not likely to want to hear about my son's antics or our new home, I've added some current news headlines for you to read. This room is still being decorated though, so feel free to offer suggestions.
* The page entitled About Me will tell you all about who I am and why I decided to start this web site back in 1997.
* The Memberships page lists the organizations that this web site belongs to. I include a short description of each and a link to the organizations web site as well.
* The next to the last stop on the tour is the page that has all of the web rings we belong to. If you arrived here on one of our web rings, you can continue your journey from here.
* Last, but not least, we have our prizes page. Actually, right now it's a prize page, but that should change. I'm not talking about awards for the site, I'm talking about prizes given out for participating in the contests here in Heartland.

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Except for advertising logos or where explicitly credited otherwise, all text and graphics Copyright 2000, Irene Smith. All rights reserved. If you have comments, questions about our site, or just want to say "Hello," you can send e-mail to: [email protected]

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