June 2000

June 2000

June 26, 2000 -- I'm really excited to report that this site has just won its first award. We are now proud to be a Heartland Hallmark Award Site. It really made my day this evening when I opened my e-mail and found the award message. Thanks to the Heartland Hallmark Award Committee. Take a look at our new Awards page!

June 25, 2000 -- So I was wrong. I turns out that the GeoCities mail server will continue to work the way it has and there's really no need to change anything. It figures. Actually, it turned out lucky for me because I haven't had the time to change any of my subscriptions. I'm writing this update from New York City. I mentioned last time that I was going to attend XMLDevCon 2000 and that's where I am right now. Thank God for laptop computers! I'm really excited about XML and the things that we are going to be able to do with it (and the time is not so far off) and have begun to work on some XML tutorials. When they are ready, I'll give you pointers to them. In the meantime, this is it for this week. I will be checking e-mail at least once a day, but probably not more often than that, so if it seems like a long time before you get an answer, that's why.

I'll give you a more complete report on the conference and some links to interesting XML-related web sites when I get home. Talk to you then...

June 19, 2000 -- In case you haven't heard, the GeoCities mail servers are going to cease to operate as of July 15th. If you are using my GeoCities e-mail address, please update your address book to use [email protected] instead. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not too happy about the change, but there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

I have created a club where Heartland residents can share web and graphic design hints and tips. It's called, "Silicon Pioneers" and all Heartland residents are welcome. I've had a little bit of trouble with the link. A couple of times yesterday, I got a message that the club had been deleted or didn't exist. Then when I tried it again, it work just fine. Please try again if you get an error message.

I can't believe that June is more than half over with already. Next week, I'll be away again. I'm going to New York City this time, to XMLDevCon 2000. If you send me e-mail during that time, there may be a delay before I respond. I'm not sure what the e-mail situation is going to be. I'm taking a laptop, but the last hotel I stayed at charged exorbitant fees for local phone calls in order to keep people from getting on the Internet for more than a few minutes.

June 11, 2000 -- Not as many updates as usual because of the trip. I have added a short description of my trip to the family news section. I've been working on a couple of new tutorials for the office and they should show up in the next day or so. I've completely reorganized the office. The main page was getting much too long and I've broken the links to Heartland/Y!GeoCities and my tutorials off into separate pages. I've also added a couple links of use to homesteaders. You'll also notice that I've added counters in a few new locations. I wanted to start keeping track of which pages are the most popular so I can add more material of the same type. (Which means, of course, that if you really like a section of this site, visit it often!)

I have added two short tutorials on using FrontPage to the office as well. The first discusses Creating a FrontPage Web and the second talks about Using FrontPage Navigation Components. I have planned more tutorials on using FrontPage, including one on using themes, and a graphics tutorial on creating your own themes. If there is a particular aspect of using Microsoft FrontPage that you would like to see a tutorial on, let me know. Remember, you can either send e-mail to: [email protected] or you can use the Help Form in my office.

June 1, 2000 -- I decided to start archiving the news from previous months. The page was getting a bit long. The page for May 2000 also includes the entries for March and April because they were fairly short. In the future, each month will have it's own page. If it gets to be too much, I'll trash the oldest stuff.

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