A detailed list of rules and acknowledgement signature card will be presented to everyone on their first visit.

We want your visit to be a pleasant one. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to one or both of the owners. These rules are meant to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy.

All visitors must register upon arrival. Pets are to be left at home, please.

REVISED Pets are welcome when leashed, controlled, quiet and cleaned up after. Pets are the sole responsibility of their owners and we take NO liability for them.

Simply Naturist Retreat is not a clothing optional area. This rule is to be respected with the exception of bad weather or sunburn. Women may wear shorts or bikini bottoms during menses, however undergarments are not permitted.

No activities are to disturb the tranquility of the site or that of our neighbours.

Children are to be supervised by their parents at all times. Quiet time is from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM daily except for scheduled events. Parents are asked to respect adult time from 10:00 PM to curfew.

Park cars in designated areas only, please. There will be no sleeping in cars.

You must sit on your towel at all times.

Hot water is at a premium. Do not take long or very hot showers. Please consider the needs of others in this matter.

Smoking is permitted in the designated areas only, depositing ashes and butts in the containers provided.

Your are responsible for your own garbage. Please bag it securely and place in the proper containers.

Cameras and camcorders are strictly prohibited.

Walkways and trails are for your enjoyment, but campsites are private. The campsite is to be kept tidy by the tennant.

No fires outside firepit and only with the permission of the owners.

Grills must be used when cooking outdoors.

Simply Naturist Retreat prohibits any body piercing jewellry below the neck.

REVISED Body piercing jewellery below the neck is not recommended. If you wear such jewellery you are aware that it is designed to draw attention to it. If you do not want the attention, remove it or tape it over.

Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation. The owners reserve the right to say how much is too much. Glass containers are not permitted; plastic and cans are allowed. Alcohol must be consumed in a non-descript container.

A radio requires headphones at all times.

Absolutely no firearms or drugs on the grounds.

Borrowed tools must be returned immediately after use.

The speed limit throughout the grounds is 10 KPH to protect children and patrons.

Simply Naturist Retreat and its owners are not responsibile for lost, stolen or damaged property or for any accidents that may occur on the grounds.

Physical violence, intoxication, possession, disbursement or use of drugs, or overt sexual behaviour and "swinging" are grounds for immediate expulsion. This is a zero tolerance rule, stirctly enforced.

We seek to maintain a wholesome family atmosphere. Innocent displays of affection among family members and friends is acceptable, but overt sexual behaviour is not. If conduct and language is not appropriate in front of children, it is not acceptable at all.

We are proud to be members of the FCN and have literature on hand for anyone who may be interested in learning more about Canada's parent Naturist association.

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