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The Threat to Hindu Bharat

Southern Baptists (of US) Target Hindus for Conversion

Church Has Harmed Hindus (Pope's Visit to India)

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The Pope's Conflicting Messages

Blow off Pakistan:  Phuljitsinghji

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Useless Struggle

Threat to Religious Freedom

How did the Vedic Culture and Religion survive

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The Threat

That Hinduism Faces

by S. P. Atri

 I want to awaken the memories of the Hindus to the threat that Hinduism faces, the threat that is mortal and absolutely real. Right at this very moment, Christians & Moslems are sending tons of money to India for their proselytism projects, in reality the Christians and the Moslems are in a Proselytism Business. Take a note of this: The Islamic Conference at Mecca launched a massive program of multiplying Moslem population in India through the conversion of weaker sections of Hindu society (Harijans & Dalits) with the usage of Petro-Dollars. As a consequence of this, open cries & calls are being roared by the Mullahs & Maulvies, inside the mosques of India, to Islamicize India. In one village of Meenakshipuram (Tamil Naidu), the entire Harijan population was coverted to Islam. This solid and massy Islamic success has emboldened the entire Islamic leadership and now open cries of "Repeating Meenakshipuram" are echoing around the walls of mosques of India. Inside the mosques, Moslem Mullahs & Maulvies are openly & unashamedly preaching a cult of larger families as an article of religious duty of every Moslem. Add to this the large scale infiltration of illegal Moslems from Bangladesh & Pakistan into India, as a result of which large pockets of Moslem majority districts are being created in India. As an added measure, polygamy, promiscuity, proselytism, and opposition to family planning in the name of Islam, are resulting in the formation of a Demographic Moslem Bomb in India. Thus through these various techniques of Islamic Jehad against the Kafir Hindus of India, Moslem numbers are increasing geometrically & as soon as they reach close to 50% of the population, cries for declaring India as an Islamic state (as it happened in Malaysia) will start roaring & thundering loudly. And the decimation of the Kafir Hindu will follow next soon after. Moslems are being diligently assisted in this Islamic Jehadic effort by the Christians who are also busy doing their damnest best to do us Hindus in.

 To conclude, we Hindus do not have Petro-Dollars to support our Hindu Missionary effort nor do we have tons of Western Money that the Christian Missionaries receive. We Hindus are entirely on our own, we have to raise money entirely through our savings and sacrifices to save Hinduism from utter doom and we may have to eat grass to do it. Conversion & Reconversion back to Hinduism seem to me to be a good option and a good bet for  Hinduism.

 Shri Sitaram Agarwal recommends the following procedure for the NRI Hindus:

 a.  Send the money to:

Secreatary "Bharat Kalyan Pratishthan"
Sankat Mochan Ashram, Sector-VI
Ram Krishna Puram
New Delhi-110 022, INDIA.

 b.  Include a letter (along with the donation money) stating that "this money is to be used for the Welfare of the Tribals and the Dalits."


Pat Robertson Opposes Religious Freedom

& Denounces Hinduism

     Using TV, Christian Pat Robertson (in his 23 March 1995 daily Christian show, the “700 Club”) denounces Hinduism as "Demonic."      The evangelist opposes freedom of religion.  He says it's time to convert India, and he wants to keep Hinduism out of US.

For full information see:

India Gov. Hiding True History


 In 1982, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (in Bharat) issued a directive for the rewriting of school texts. Among other things it stipulated that: 'Characterization of the medieval period as a time of conflict between Hindus and Moslems is forbidden'. Thus, denial of history or Negationism has become India's official 'educational' policy.  - Negationism in India, by Koenraad Elst, Voice of India Publ, 2nd Ed, pp.57-58, 1993.
 (This is in complete contrast to the Vedic guiding principles, like satyameva jayate or tamaso ma jyotr gamaya.  The Hindus should oppose and remove such policies.  -sv)


Subject: Re: Indonesia is proud of its Hindu heritage

Date:  28 Oct. 1998 21:48:26 MST
From:   [email protected]
To:   Mltipure

From:  Ashok Chowgule, Mumbai,  28 Oct., 1998

 Pranam, I have personally seen an Indonesian Rupiah 20,000 note on which there is a picture of Lord Ganesh.  Is it not a tragedy that Indonesia is proud of its Hindu past (the name of the national airline is Garuda) while we in India are told by our so-called intellectuals that we should actually be ashamed of our Hindu past?
 Lord Macaulay, who wrote the famous minutes which set out the way the British would subvert our civilization through education, said, "We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of persons Indian in blood and color, but English in taste, in opinion, words and intellect."  What the British failed to do, the so-called intellectual elite have succeeded in a free India.  It is this elite that has stooped so low as to call the rendering of Saraswati Vandana as communal.
Namaste.  - Ashok.

 (Dear Hindus, The Jews had their country Israel 2000 or so years ago.  They lost it for last 2000 years and regained in 1947.  We the Hindus have our country Bharat since millenniums.  Will we have it for future?  No.  We could loose control in Bharat in just 50 years if the Muslims there multiply and convert with the current rate.  Unless we wake up and unite, know ourselves how great we really are, and exercise our religion in its true sense as given in Bhagavad Gita, there is no hope.  So, wake up, and at least pray sincerely to save Bharat for the future Hindu generations.  Would you like to study Gita regularly?  If so, call me.  Jai Sri Krishna!!  - SV)


Retrospect of Christianity

 The creation of Nagaland is a glaring example in point. That open rebellion going on in the Naga Hills is all engineered by the Christian missionaries was accepted even by Nehru. The Nagas used foreign arms against Indian army. They were American arms. Our (Bharat’s) Planes were shot down. The rebel leader of this gangsterism fled the country and he was given asylum by a noted Christian Missionary - Michael Scott who abetted him in making various statements damaging our reputation.  International pressure, to which our Delhi rulers were unduly sensitive, was built up by the Christians. They started peace talks and the peace mission included this gentleman Michael Scott.  The(ir) dream is to convert Nagaland into an independent State ridden and dominated by the Christian fanatics. Today, when a Christian Naga comes to Shillong he says, I am going to India as if he is a non-Indian.



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