Bulletin October, 2009 - Tama So Maa Jyothir Ga Maya



This was in Rig Veda of the third paragraph of the 62 to 70 slogas in which it means God is always omnipresent in the form of light. Light is life and light is God. Even in Mundakya Upanishad from the 4th to 7th sloga the Jyothi of every Jyothir is God. The Sun, the Moon and all the stars are only representation of the Universal Light that emerges naturally is from the grace of the Para Jyothi that emanates as Jyothir ga maya.


In Lalitha Sahasranamam it is stated that Goddess Lalitha is seated in the Solar Galaxy as the centre of effulgence. Her power is enforce upon every entity with equal share of their karma. Even in Vishnu Sagasnamam it said that Maha Vishnu is incomparable even to a thousand Suns that may appear at one time. In Narayana Suktham and in Bagawath Gita, the greatness of the Lord is well described when Lord Krishna took the colossal form, Arjuna turned blind by the effulgence of the Lord. Referring to Skanda Puranam , Lord Shiva and Uma settled on the peaks of Himavalprabhava to perform their austerites. The cleastial Gods grew agitated by the act of Asuras. They urged Agni, the eater of oblations and Vayu to carry forth the seed that ejaculated from the third eye of Shiva. The flint went past to Goddess Shakthi and handed them over to Ganga. Ganga released the effulgent foetus into the falls of Saravana. Thus blooming six Lotus flowers was cradling the six children. Ganga instructed six  Karthigai maid to nurse the kids. Lord Murugah was deep browed after Goddess Sakthi embraced him and presented him with an intellectual spear to weed out the Asuras of his times. Lord Murugah, stood dazzling in its brilliance of a thousand suns, to whom we refer as njana sudar or as Auvaiyaar called him as njana Jyothi.


To begin with, Science was of the view that all substances on earth were different from each other. As it postulated it were only 72 ‘elements’ which presented the myriad objects. Then, when Atomic science developed, it postulated bridging the fact of origin of all these 72 elements are the same, viz: energy that we call as Sakthi or Jyothir.


Saint Thiru Moolar speaks of this Jyothi in various form, he professes wisdom as the prime of Jyothi. This Jyothi further develops itself into everything that is around us, which are God’s representation. Those Saiva servitors sang the Thevaram to glorify the Jothi as the supreme Godhead, And Saint Manivasagar has written lyrics of God as Jyothi, which is sung even today.


Now lets turn towards the Chinese, they pray to the God of fire and they name it as Hwak-Wang. You would notice that they offer Gold papers as currency to the God of fire. In return, it is believed that they are blessed wealthy. This developed into a religion called Chinthoism and Thouhism. Therefore, it has been the practice of the world to accept fire, lighting, the effulgence and the out pouring effulgence of the items in the Universe. Even the radium emits light in the dark to prove its valor.


During my recent visit to Pathan kort of Panjab, we visited the Jwalla Moogie temple. The prominences of the nine Sakthi deeply worshipped. The performing of yagna is almost regular and the importance given to a Yagna pit where the combustion of flame is emitting beneath the earth for ages. Hindus claim that the origin of this Jyothi is part of the flame that dropped from the Lord’s hand when performed the cosmic dance. 


Saint Vallalar experienced the first mystical vision at Chidambaram of the Lord in his fifth month itself. His experience again at Chidambaram (sparsa Deeksha) of the Lord in his dream was the wake of his self-realization. In the poem entitled “the verse on Arut Perum Jyothi” he states that the Lord, his father, crowned him as the king of the kingdom of Light grace or Jyothir grace. As soon as he realized himself as the transcendent of elements and the Lord as the Light within him ‘self’ “the gradual process of his identity with the ultimate Reality’ was revealed to him. Seeing his own “self’ as transcendent light, Vallalar broke out the secret to people around him.


The Maha Mantra of “Arut Perum Jyothi” the light within the light. The perception of this light tripartite made him live forever in transfigured body.


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