Organization Chart of Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam












































In 1989, Swami C.T.D.Jothi Manohar with his close friends established Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam and by the

year 1995 it was officially registered in Taman Johor Jaya and was in operation in Plentong Johore Bahru, Malaysia.

Since then, successfully maintained the glory of spiritual building.


The Ashram had nominated many presidents and each president had proved worthy of his seat. The tireless

contribution of the disciples along with the committee members is totally responsible to the various functions and

festivals in the Ashram.


We have conducted the Yagna, Thiru Kalyanam, Thiru Villaku poojas, Maha siva rathiri, Sandi yagam, manthra upadesam,

Sat sang and many more. We have organized spiritual tours, religious counseling, feeding the poor, and planting herbal

plants and trees. There are times we planted these herbal plant to other Ashram, temples, and homes. We have cultivated

a code of religious performance mostly based from the Yajoor and Rig Vedas.


We follow the teachings of Gurus.

Our Guru parambara begins from Thiru Arutt Prakasa Bhramanantha Jothi Ramalingam. His teachings are

hoisted as that of a flag in our Ashram. We maintain a spiritual harmony among other religion and conduct dialogue with

inter-religious association. Apart we have attended other Ashram’s function and have invited them with warm feelings to

our Ashram.


We greet all Hindus to our Ashram with out biasness. We hold no secrets in revealing the Vedanta mantras to the vethanthis.

Every week we perform a Kalasa pooja uttering the mantras to the chosen deity. Every member of our Ashram is eligible

to perform the Arathi pooja. The Ashram teaches them the proper way to perform such poojas.




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