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Ecotourism: an internet guide to ecologically sustainable tourism, community-based tourism, ecotourism, and related varieties of nature-based tourism.

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Travel_Links -- Links to tourism and travel sites.

The Urban Ecotourism Conference
 Join the "Urban Ecotourism" Conference (starting 20 September 2004), sponsored by Planeta.com and the Shores System.

Archives of "The Environmental Impact of Transportation" Conference (starting 07 October 2003), sponsored by Planeta.com and the Shores System.

Ecotourism Certification -- Links to facilitate research into the multitude of certification programs and approaches currently out there. A great place to start your exploration of certification and the travel industry.

Evolving Concepts of Sustainable Tourism -- Declarations endorsed by the World Tourism Organization from various international meetings and conferences, from 1980 to the present. Fat PDF files, but no indications of how big the files are.

Visit the Financing Sustainable Tourism Conference, sponsored by Planeta.com and the Shores System.

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The Challenge of Ecotourism: A call for higher standards. By John Shores. [24 kb]

A paper prepared for the the IVth World Congress on National Parks and Protected Areas (Caracas, 1992), The Challenge of Ecotourism is a brief introduction to the many variations of nature-based tourism.

El Desafio del Ecoturismo: Una Llamada para Normas M�s Estrictas. Por John Shores. [24 kb]

Dealing with Definitions. When is it ecotourism? And when is it not? An introduction to and annotated glossary of the myriad terms and phrases in use today to refer to aspects of nature-based tourism. [15 kb]

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