"INTERNSHIPS! A Prelude to Employment" is a phrase which best describes the use of internships today. The Com/Journ Department strongly urges students to take up to two for-credit internships during their junior and senior years. Many employers prefer to hire from the ranks of their interns rather than open their positions up to the world. At Shippensburg, we have a high percentage of students who complete at least one internship for credit and a number of others who do informal ones on their own. All report that they learn so much more about their careers from this glance at real-world application. Every year, we have many more internships available than students to fill them, so opportunity is everywhere. Former interns and potential employers say "do an internship!" So, be sure to see me, Prof. Gibbs, internship coordinator, for details. 717-477-1652 or [email protected].

Professor Richard W. Gibbs

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