The Shippensburg chapter of PRSSA attended the national PRSSA conference in the Fall 2002 in San Francisco. This year the Shippensburg chapter will be in attendance again at the national conference, being held in New Orleans, October 24-28.

The conferences are an invaluable opportunity to network, meet other PR students, and generally increase perspective in terms of the field of PR.

Our PR Director/Historian, Dora Housekeeper, just brought some info back from the Advertising Women of New York conference she attended. Thanks Dora! There are extensive links and resources here, also some tips and tricks, and even sample resume´s and interview info.

Advertising Career Conference Web Resources

Suggested Reading List

Resume and Cover Letters A Primer for the New College Graduate

1st Sample Resume

2nd Sample Resume (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Interview Tips & Advice

The Most Frequenly Asked Questions by Employers During Interviews

Interview Suggestions

AWNY Contact and Internship Info

After attending the San Francisco conference, those who attended compiled a book containing articles summarizing key presentations from the conference. I urge you to read as many of these as possible (if not all), as the tips and tricks come from some of the best known professionals in the PR industry:

Public Relations Strategies and a Struggling NBA Franchise

Getting Ready for the Real World

Tourism PR: How to Sell the City

Non-Profit PR: Making Your Cause Stand Out

Baby Boomers and Generation Y: New Audiences, New Avenues

There's Only One You: Building the Career You Want Through Personal Branding

The Celebrity Source

Your First Year in PR

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Public Relations

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

How to Interview Like a Pro

Crisis Management in Education

Hitting a Home Run with the Media in Sports PR Practices

Life in an Agency: PR Meets the Matrix

Does High Tech PR Still Exist?

Wordsmithing: The Art & Craft of Writing for Public Relations


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