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    One more year of law school and this Georgia Peach will be just ripe to take the legal system by storm. She loves to take pictures, travel, and play just about any outdoor sport. She really digs creativity and is always striving to "be more."

    Okay, so this is a cheesy write-up, but what can I say? I was in that Sci-fi river in Egypt we all know as "de Nile" for a long time, then came Farscape. Before long, the TGIF Pep Rallies were born (come cheer with us on the bboard any day a Farscape episode is airing) which was soon followed by FARSCAPE ANONYMOUS! Before I knew it "I was an Addict, I had a habit, and I was quickly becoming a 'pusher'." Who knew that what started as a spoof would end up the largest Farscape Society on the Web (we meet on the bboard every Thursday)?

    I absolutely treasure the relationships I have made as a result of what began as an interest in Farscape. Who else but a Scaper would hand-craft John Crichton Action Figures; drop what they were doing that night in order to take a Southern girl to an authentic Rocky Horror Picture Show; or hand-make a carrot cake for a fellow Scaper they had never met? Yet, I've been lucky enough to have these experiences and more with Scapers I have met through the bboard.

    I've been told that I never meet a stranger. So when we finally meet, you and I, I'm sure that we'll have a grand old time laughing all day and dancin' until dawn.
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