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Anthony S. Waguespack
[email protected]
    Age: 46

    Have been teaching music for almost 25 years at every level from Elementary thru Graduate School at the collegiate level, and am very active as a professional musician (trumpet), and a member of the A.F. of M. Local 174-496 New Orleans, LA. Am currently employed as a Middle School Band Director. I am also an "Extra" Class Amateur Radio (HAM) operator, who enjoys CW (Morse Code), along with the digital modes and radio contesting. I enjoy building computer systems (PC), and do have some knowledge of the Apple/Macintosh computer also. I enjoy reading and Sci-Fi is my most popular reading topic, but I am also interested in Ufology and other related items. Photo is from a recording session at the Southlake Recording Studios in New Orleans. And of course Farscape is my favorite TV show!

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