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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are all these people, anyway?
  2. We are all fans of the new TV series Farscape, and regular posters on the Farscape bboard at SciFi.com.

  3. Farscape -- what's that?
  4. A new science fiction series created by Rockne O'Bannon. It airs every Friday night on the SciFi Channel. Visit the official Farscape web site to find out more. You can also find lots of great fan sites on the Farscape Net Ring.

  5. What is the Farscape bboard?
  6. The Farscape bboard is a community of devoted Farscape fans. Nicknamed Scapers, we gather on the bboard to discuss the show, talk to the actors, tell jokes, share fanfic, throw parties, and just about anything else that a group of friends might do in real life!

  7. So how do I get my photo on the page?
  8. Easy! You can either e-mail us your scanned photograph, or send it to us by snail mail and we'll scan it for you. How to join the Scaper Photo Album.


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This Scaper Photo Album is no longer maintained and is only an archive.
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