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Brandon Strickland
    Well, where to start? OK, here goes. LOL

    I am 5 feet 4 inches tall (I know I'm a little on the short side LOL). My favorite character is Chiana ***sigh***. And the second character I like is Zhaan. I'm a Scaper true and blue    hhhehehe    :)    Lets just say I'm a Far§cape fan-addict. You can find me in the Far§cape chat room almost anytime during the day (except at night when I don't have internet access :( )

    Well, I gots to go

    * Scorpwanna runs at light speed in slow motion while going nowhere *

    Bye bye Scapers

    ****Far§cape outro music begins to play as
    Scorpwanna leaves the Scaper Info thingy****

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