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Barry Saperstein
[email protected]
    Location: San Diego, CA, USA
    Occupation: Attorney

    I got hooked on Sliders a few months ago and kept the Scifi station on afterwards. I was reading a book through First Wave (an interesting program), Poltergeist (a silly program), and then came my first encounter with Farscape. I was hooked right away. The women are sexy, the guys heroic, and who couldn't love Rygel? I started looking forward to Scifi Prime, much to the dismay of my then-fiance (now wife; she learned to love Rygel, too). Soon, Farscape became my favorite show of the line-up (Jerry O'Connel: please come back to Sliders). Imagine my dismay when I tuned in mid November and found out my show was gone for 2 months! I guess I'll be online more often than watching t.v.

    I'll be seeing you all @ the web site chat room...

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