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R11 (Releven)

Mike Meyer
[email protected]
    Hey everyone! This is R11 telling you a little about himself. First, I live in Palatine, IL and generally try to reach the Farscape BBoard at least once a day. As my E-mail address symbolizes, I am a Dinosaur nut! My goal in life is to be a Paleontologist and a devoted fan of Farscape! I currently go to Fremd High School in Palatine and act as vice-president of our Sci-Fi club.

    On the BBoard, I am the Commander of the Latvian Fleet, a community of a sister species of living ships called the Latvians. We help defend Scapers throughout the Net. If you want to join just, email me for the specifics. The picture you see here is me wearing my trademark hat. I am a firm believer in the luck hats bring. I also apologize for the terrible smile--I can't smile right in front of a camera! And finally, I am a Lego fan! I love those things. Have a nice day. }: }

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