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Quentin Dart Parker
[email protected]
    Bio:  Divorced with two boys, Harley (age 11) and Wyatt (age 9). Harvard graduate with a Masters in Architecture. Registered Architect, AIA, N.C.A.R.B.

    Hobbies:  Motorcycles, soaring (Pilot VFR), scuba, swimming, literature, writing, movies, vid, photography cooking, Vball, whatever!

    Favorite Films:  Bladerunner, Local Hero, Being There

    Description According to Sydney Omarr:  Independent, creative, an original thinker, controversial. Loves risk, challenges, physical activities, anything outdoors, and sports. A philosopher at heart, considerate/caring, a pirate of the soul. Action, risks, gambles are often associated with activities yet with spontaneity.

    Description of Self: Joking aside, most of you have taken these previous descriptions far too literal....

    I am an incurable romantic, and balance this with a love for everything fast. Some of my friends mention that like Jack Kerouac I tend to burn the candle at both ends. (What else is life for?) My two boys definitely keep me on my toes, theirs is a magical age that I feel priviledged to be a part of. The speed freak, emotionally challenged, intellectually exuberant side is contrasted by an introspective, quiet, poetic realist. I love reading, writing and engaging prose poetry. The muses fascinate me, hold my senses in deep suspension. The beauty of life is inhaling knowledge.Whoa!

    Professionally, I am an architect with my own design/build company. I work on single family, high end residential projects both nationally and some international commissions, and serve as consultant for many high profile, complex, mixed use commercial ventures. If there is a challenge in it, I love it! I write, both professionally (and for personal reasons) in many different publication venues. Most recently, screenplays, fiction and periodical columns. 

    Astrologically I am your typical double Fire sign. I am a centaur, Sagittarius, the wanderer, warrior adventurist with an Aries ascendent, which keeps me focused, determined and persistent . I achieve whatever I set my mind to.Venus is in Scorpio, with many Libra associations allow my judgements to be fair and balanced. The creative nature of this balance allows for risk beyond what should be wise.  

    So stop laughing, and get up off the floor and join me in this magical journey of ours!  Sing sweet songs, dance beneath a starry night and let's find a way to howl at the moon in unison....... scape the light phantastic, second star from the right, and straight on until morn...
    Thanks, Quentin.

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