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Joe McQueen AKA eScapist
    Chicago suburbs. Married for 26 years (picture is from our 25th). Work for Masonite Corp. Central Technical Center for 26 years (I got the job so I could get married. Guess they both worked out.) Two girls 25 and 23. Three G-sons 7, 5, 1. Enjoy Scifi, Walleye Fishing, Action-Fantacy, Smallmouth Bass Fishing, Golf, Largemouth Bass Fishing, Day hiking, Catfish Fishing, Bird watching, Crappie Fishing, Tropical aquariums, Northern Pike Fishing, Escapism, Just-so-long-as-I-have-a-pole-in-my-hand Fishing.

    It will be nice to visualize the faces when we read the posts and if people include their states we can read them with their accents in place.

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