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Loki (in the #farscape chat room!)
[email protected]
    I am a 35-year-old female from the North Shore...

    Started watching the 'Show' at episode #2.

    Since 1-21-00 I have been a #Farscape chat-a-holic as well.
    Much to hubby's chagrin! :O)

    For money I corrupt children by making them learn all about dead people who, during their lifetimes while getting themselves and large sheets of paper and canvas very messy, were usually "starving"...

    For fun, I too enjoy creating messes on large pieces of paper... {including my Blue John/Ben which was displayed in St Loo at ScaperCon 2000.}

    I also am a bead fanatic, { I like to think of myself as a 'Bead Snob' actually, preferring glass ones over any others} who covets, collects, hordes, and fondles them. {weg} hee hee And sometimes, with needle and thread, even creates 'stuff' with my precious horde.

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