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Jean Harty-Hayward
[email protected]

    I am a native of Boston. I love the theatre and music, been singing since I was six. Put out a CD for Christmas with some friends, had a lot of fun. Selling pretty good, too. Love a good game of chess and, of course, Shakespeare's Works.

    Like Football and Basketball, LOVE LOVE tennis, get it. Sorry lite humor, but that's is who I am also. Love Life and NOOO I'm not Mary Tyler Moore, although I was called that in High School sometimes. The ocean is my center, and though I'm an Aries and a fire sign, I've always been drawn to it. Living in Boston and Summers on Cape Cod will do that to yah (brother tried to teach me to Surf years ago, but my balance is, well, BAD!!) Love the outdoors, camping, and hiking, but most of all I'm a housewife and mother. My daughter (Jenine) means the world to me. I stay at home for her--my career can wait. That's ME!!!!

    Take Care

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