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San Fernando Police Admin Building Southern Division pictures/sando26.jpg
49.38 Kb
Paradise Cemetery with San Fernando Hill in background pictures/sando27.jpg
53.10 Kb
Another view of San Fernando Hill pictures/sando28.jpg
54.06 Kb
Library Corner pictures/sando7.jpg
59.18 Kb
San Fernando Hospital - junction of Harris Promenade, Chancery Lane and Independence Avenue pictures/sando20.jpg
47.21 Kb
Harris Promenade Fire Station with City Hall on right pictures/sando21.jpg
51.68 Kb
St. Joseph's' Convent San Fernando pictures/sando22.jpg
40.97 Kb
San Fernando City Hall pictures/sando9.jpg
62.34 Kb
San Fernando Methodist Church pictures/sando23.jpg
34.33 Kb
San Fernando Boys R.C. - on the Promenade pictures/sando24.jpg
54.43 Kb
Cross Crossing Interchange under construction pictures/sando25.jpg
47.16 Kb
Shot from Library Corner looking down High Street pictures/sando8.jpg
47.08 Kb
Upper High Street pictures/sando3.jpg
56.68 Kb
Harris Promenade pictures/sando4.jpg
81.92 Kb
San Fernando Police Station pictures/sando5.jpg
75.40 Kb
Location of STCIC offices, Cross Crossing Shopping Centre San Fernando - Rienzi / Kirton Highway traffic lights pictures/sando6.jpg
30.61 Kb

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