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Lendys! Incredible website! documenting one of the great Big Boy restaurants. Classic Americana here. Just what was Colonel Sanders doing at a Big Boy?!! Fantastic site! many of your favorite fast food restaurants from the 1950's thru the 1960's. If you grew up in Columbus or any place in the United states during this time period, you must see this site!

If you grew up eating at Sandy's Drive-In in the Quad Cities (Moline & Rock Island, Illinois and Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa) then you watched Sandy's commercials on Captain Ernie's Showboat! Visit the Unofficial Captain Ernie's Showboat Website soon!

If you grew up with Sandy's in the Moline, Illinois to Peoria, Illinois area, you remember Chuck Acri's Creature Feature. Visit the House of Jitters amazing tribute to this local cult classic and don't forget to click on the old trunk of treasures to see rare vintage Acri Creature Feature memorabilia!

Birmingham Rewound!

Incredible site filled with Birmingham, Alabama's not so distant past!

Kewanee Historical Society

Special Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lock and the Kewanee Historical Society for help in building this website. Please visit their website soon as well as the Historical Society Museum located in downtown Kewanee, Illinois!

WIRL 1290 AM Peoria, Illinois

WIRL AM 1290 in Peoria Illinois. Check out their fantastic selection of classic radio ads from their vault. Included is Sandy's commercials from 1959 thru 1962!

America's Landmark, Under the Orange Roof

Remember Howard Johnson's motorlodges and restaurants? Once the highways were filled with this American icon but today it is a shell of what once was. Check out the history of Hojo on this incredible website!

Greg Grant's Wacky Package Website

Remember these? If you were in gradeschool between 1973 and 1975 you do. The greatest non-sport trading card of them all on the greatest wackypack page of them all. Greg Grant has done a masterful job, visit his website today!

Roadside America

One of the most fun websites on the internet. Find out who the giants are that roam North America and plan your vacation around visitor tips!


BIFF BURGER... distant cousin of Sandy's. Follow the history of BIFF BURGER until it became one with Burger King. There can't be one of these left in the United States... can there?! Find out by clicking this great site's link

KENNEY'S RESTAURANT home of the famous Kenney's Burger! Kenney's used to Be a Biff-Burger franchisee until Bill Kenney split away in the early '60s, and kept using the same special sauce! Click here to see some amazing pictures telling the story of Kenney's!

The Burger Chef Reliquary. Burger Chef was number two, just behind McDonald's until the early 1970's. Then General Foods purchased them followed by Hardees and the rest was history. The Reliquary is a great place to see common and rare Burger Chef memorabilia and it has some great Burger Chef links too!

Kipp Teague's Retroweb

Kipp has put together a great website on all things retro. This link takes you to his retroaneous page. After finishing, please remember to go to his home page where you'll find classic television, steam locomotives, moonwalks and much more here at RetroWeb!


Roadsidepeek is a boatload of images and information on everything retro. It is a journey through time covering classic Americana!

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