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GCH  Wynneshire Designer Josette 11*M
(DJ's Dam)
Reference Bucks
                    SSS:++*B Fra-Jac's Lord Alginon
                SS: ++*B Fra-Jac's Gay Grady
                     SSD: GCH Fra-Jac's #1 Princess Gaya 1*M  LA 5-01 91 E+EE
Sire: +B Wynneshire Grady's Khimer
                     SDS: +*B Wynneshire Sabre's Elixir
               SD: GCH Wynneshire Elixir's Khaiham 4*M  LA 9-07 90 EEEE
                      SDD: GCH Sage Blossom Hope's Candida 3*M  LA 7-01 90 EVEV
*B CH Wynneshire Premier DJ
                      DSS: ++*B GCH Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
              DS: +*B Wynneshire Smooth Design  LA 2-05 85 +EV
                     DSD: GCH Wynneshire BBK"S Debonair 2*M  LA 5-03 90 VEEE
Dam: GCH Wynneshire Designer Josette 11*M LA 5-04 90 VEEE
                    DDS: ++*B Fra-Jac's Gay Grady   
             DD: GCH Wynneshire Grady's Jewel  10*M  LA 5-05 90 VVEE
                    DDD: GCH Wynneshire Sabre's Gingerale 9*M  LA 5-05 90 VVEE
CH Wynneshire Premier DJ
                SSS: Anin's Country Squire (EX)
                SS: Anin's Vegabond   (EX)
                     SSD: Anin's BG's Lianna *M (VG88)
Sire: The Cot'Wood Canadian Lynx
                      SDS: Anin's Sweet Talking Gumby (VG87)
                SD: Cot'Wood G'By Hava Java (CGS)
                       SDD: Wingwood-Farm T-Blaise Tamocha

Sand-Bur-Kids Destiny's D'Lux
          DSS: GCH Heatherwood Clover's Saint
                  DS: CH Pruittvilles St. Caleb
                         DSD: CH Price O The Field Sage
Dam: GCH Sand-Bur-Kids Destiny Of Hope 5*M    FS  5-03  90VEEE
                          DDS: GCH 7 Cedars Cims Sam
                   DD: GCH Sand-Bur-Kids Sam's Lotta Hope 4*M
                           DDD: Firebird Bellolotta 3*M  (2 GCH Legs)
Sand-Bur-Kids Destiny's D'Lux
The Cot'Wood Canadian Lynx
                       SSS:  Fra-Jac's Gay Grady
                 SS:  Anin's Country Squire
                           SSD: Anin's BBK Mt. Shasta
         Sire: Anin's Vagabond
                          SDS: Fra-Jac's Blaze Of Glory
                 SD:  Anin's BG's Lianna
                          SDD: Fra-Jac's Gay Lorena
The Cot'Wood Canadian Lynx
                          DSS: Golden Haze Sweet Justice
                  DS: Anin's Sweet Talking Gumby
                          DSD: Anin's Its Value Added
        Dam: Cot'Wood G'By Hava Java
                         DDS: E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser
                  DD: Wingwood Farm T-Blaise Tamocha
                         DDD: Wingwood Farm Blue Tamille
GCH Sand-Bur-Kids Sam's Lotta Hope 4*M
(D'Lux' Maternal Grand-Dam)
1st  Place Senior Get Of Sire
at the 2005 Dist. 7 Nubian Speciality
L to R:
Blush, Glamour, Glitter

                   SSS:Rio Del Oro's Royal Monarch                 
SS: GCH H. Homestead Catalyst
                     SSD: GCH H. Homestead Sun Tiara 7*M (1987 Nat'l GCH)      
   Sire: Painter's Master Blend      
                     SDS:  Painter's DOM Inator   
              SD: GCH Painter's DOM "No Jelly"    
                     SDD: Painter's Trinket      

   My-Enchanted-Acres Micro-Blend (AI )   DOB:  3/09/02 LA 2-04 88 VVV
                    DSS: ++*B Fra-Jac's Lord Alginon                  
              DS: GCH Regehrs Alignon's Beaujoulais
                     DSD:GCH Regehr's #1 Sparkle Plenty         
Dam: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres Emma 4*M                                
                  DDS: Painter's D'Teminator                 
              DD: GCH Truly Fine Farm Gracie 3*M                                   
                   DDD: GCH Truly Fine Farm Painter's Lady 2*
GCH Sand-Bur-Kids Destiny Of Hope 5*M
(D'Lux's Dam)
My-Enchanted-Acres Micro Blend 3 years Old
GCH My-Enchanted-Acres  Emma 4*M
(Micro's Dam)
             SSS: Thunder Ridge Limited Edition    
                  SS: Thunder-Ridge BT Patriot
                             SSD: Farraway Farm Boppin Brianna
      Sire: Thunder Ridge PDF Water Skater             
                             DDS: Iron-Owl TSM Tinjimani
                  DD: GCH Iron-Owl PTN Dragonfly 1*M
                             DDD: CH Iron Owl TPPGM Pollywog    
Sand-Bur-Kids SC Kodiak   LA 2-02 90 VVV       DOB: 4/20/05
                               DSS: Rio-Del-Oro's Dandy-Lion
                  DS: Patch-Quilt Farms D. Dodger
                           DSD: Unicorn Farm's Patches
Dam: GCH Narrow Way DC Clarice 2*M   LA 7-03  92 EEEE
                       (2005 ADGA Reserve  National Champion W/ Best Udder)
                          DDS: Painter's Dom Inator
                  DD: GCH Painter's Lean & Mean Clydine 1*M   LA 13-04 91 EEVE
                          DDD: Painter's Calico Lady

Kodiak is the litter mate Brother to our 2005 Spotlight Nomination, Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly.
Kodiak is also the Paternal Brother to our 2005 Colorama Doe Kid Sand-Bur-Kids SLT Independence.
And Best of All His Dam is
Clarice the 2005 National Reserve Grand Champion w/ Best Udder.

He is a very long, tall and Dairy Buck  with a level topline, and Good Breed Character.

2006 Show Record:   3 X 1st Place Yearling Buck                     Kodiak has been Sold
Sand-Bur-Kids SC Kodiak
Pictured as a Yearling Buck
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