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         SS: GCH  Rio-Del-Oro's Dandy-Lion
                      Sire: GCH Patch-Quilt Farms D. Dodger
                               SD: GCH Unicorn Farm's Patches  4*M

GCH Narrow Way DC Clarice  2*M             DOB: 4/01/97
DS: Painter's Dom Inator
                     Dam: GCH Painter's Lean & Mean Clydine 1*M     LA 13-04 91 EEVE
                               DD: Painter's Calico Lady
Clarice has been such a blessing to our herd. 
She is a Beautiful 11 year old Doe on excellent Feet and Legs.  With an udder of a 3 year old.
I am so proud of her. 
                                                             She was the
2004 & 2005 INBA All-American Aged Doe;
Her 2004 Show Record was: 1 X Grand Champion
                                           8 X Best Of Breed    
                                                        2 X Best In Show                  
Her 2005 Show Record was: 2  X Grand Champion  
                                      3 X Best of Breed
                                                                        1 X Best In Show              
                                                       1st Place Aged Doe at 2005 Nationals
                                                             2005 ADGA Reserve National Champion
                                                 2005 ADGA National Best Udder

Dam to our  2005 Spotlight Sale Buck Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly
Her 2006 Show Record is:     6 X Best Of Breed 
                                         3 X Best In Show
                                                     2 X Best Udder In Show 
Winner of the 2006 AI Futurity

                                                Bred to: Wizard          Due: Mar. 13, 2010            Kids: $1000.00
                 SS: Crown Hill "JME" Justin Quint
            Sire: Crown Hill KQB Braveheart
                   SD: Crown Hill Maybe Baby
SGCH Narrow-Way Little Miss Marker  3*M          DOB: 4/05/99
                     DS: CH Patch Quilt Farms D. Dodger
            Dam: SGCH Narrow-Way DC Clarice 2*M
                    DD: GCH Painter's Lean & Mean Clydine  1*M

GCH  Narrow Way DC Clarice 2*M
LA 7-03  92 EEEE
GCH Narrow Way Little Miss Marker  3*M
LA  5-03  90 EEEE

Marker is a beautiful Doe that would have done great in the show Ring last year, but she aborted and so didn't get to attend any Shows in  2005.
She is a very long ,tall and level doe with lots of width throughout.  And like her Dam and Grand Dam, she is also very strong on her feet and legs.

Marker was shown in 8  Rings in 2006,  going
8 X 1st Place,  5 X GCH;   3 X RGCH;  1 X BOB.
Marker was Shown in 4 Rings in 2008,  going
4 X Best Of Breed;  4 X Best Udder Of Breed;  and 1 X Best Sr. Doe In Show

Bred to:  Wizard            Due: March 5th, 2010        Kids: $900.00        
2008 ISDGA Nubian Speciality
1st Place Dam & Daughter
Clarice 11 yrs.old 
      Marker 9 yrs. old
)                        (Right)
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