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                     SSS: Thunder-Ridge Limited Edition  LA 4-0  87 VVV
                  SS: Thunder-Ridge Patriot     LA 2-0  87 VAE
                            SSD: Farraway-Farm Boppin' Brianna

          Sire:  Thunder-Ridge PDF Water 
   SDS: Iron-Owl TSM Tinjimani
                    SD: GCH Thunder-Ridge PTN  Dragonfly 1*M      LA 4-0  90 EVEE
                            SDD: CH  Iron-Owl TPPGM Pollywog
Sand-Bur-Kids SLT Liberty Bell   5*M        DOB: 4/12/05
      DSS: Crown-Hill DBD Dream Machine                                           
                     DS: Crown-Hill FML Trail Mix
                            DSD: CH Crown-Hill ATM Laurel                                                             

           Dam: GCH Callie-Co
Liberty Trail 4*M    LA 5-0 89 EEEV
         DDS: Crown-Hill KQB Braveheart                                                                        
                    DD:  Narrow-Way little Miss
Marker  3*M      LA 5-03  91 EEEE                             
                             DDD:  GCH Narrow-Way DC
Clarice 2*M    LA 7-03  92 EEEE
                            (2005 Reserve National Champion W/Best Udder)
Bell freshened with a very nice Udder, with a high wide rear and a long smooth fore udder.
2008 Show Record:  3 X 1st  1X 3rd  3 X 1st Place Udder

Bred to: Cosmos            Kidded: 3/26/09          (No Kids Available)
Sand-Bur-Kids SLT Liberty Bell  5*M
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