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**Heterozygous Polled**
Elmhaven Polled Wizard 

N 1470548P
                             SSS: Kastdemur's Full Advantage               
SS: Firebird Jump At The Chance (Polled)                              
                              SSD:  Firebird Last Chance (Polled)
Elmhaven Polled Jumpy Joesph (Polled)
                             SDS: Ace-Hi Printmaster
  SD: Ace-High PF Fame
                             SDD: Ace-High LF Fashion
Elmhaven Polled Wizard (Polled) DOB: 2/26/09  
           DSS: Dear Hearts "Omar"
DS: Goldthwaite Merlin
                             DSD: Goldthwaite Lady Juliette

Dam: Goldthwaite Magic Mystery Tour               
                              DDS: Dear Hearts"Omar"
                   DD: Goldthwaite Clematis
                               DDD: Goldthwaite Clementi
Elmhaven Polled Wizard
(7 Months Old)
Goldthwaite Magic Mystery Tour
(Wizards Dam, Pictured as a 2yr.old 1st Freshener)

      Wizard is the 11th generation in his pedigree of Polled animals, so I am very excited to use him in my breeding program.
      He is a very Correct and Growthy Buck Kid.   He has lots of length and width throughout.   With  Excellant feet and legs and Lots of Bone.
      I can't Thank Bill Burghart  enough for allowing this Beautiful Animal to join the Herd.
Bred to: Clarice , Marker, Chosen, Clarissa, Cricket, Clydette,
Emma Rose and   Oh Happy Daze
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