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In Loving Memory Of Some of the Beautiful Animals
that Really Touched our Hearts and will be Greatly Missed.
May they all Rest in Peace
and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
GCH Painter's Lean & Mean Clydine 1*M
FS  13-04 91 EEVE
March 8, 1991  ~   March 5, 2006

Clydine crossed the Rainbow Bridge just 3 days shy of 15 years.
      She was one of the last living "Painters Does" and lived a long Productive Life.  When Charlie Painter sold out of Goats, she went to the Truly Fine Farm, where she produced some Beautiful Truly Fine Farm Animals.    Then Clydine  went to the Carpenter Family where she Produced some Beautiful Narrow-Way Animals, including the 2005 ADGA Reserve National Grand Champion with the Best Udder. 
       She then came to the Sand-Bur-Kids in 2004 where she spent her last 2 years being Pampered and Spoiled with her Bananas everyday and her own House and Yard and Favorite Coat in the Winter!
       Clydine had one of the most loving and laid back personality of any goats we have ever met. 
      She will be Greatly Missed by Everyone that ever knew her.
These pictues were taken the day before  Clydine  passed away.
On the Left she is waiting for her Banana.    On the Right Keeva is feeding Clydine her Banana.
Lucky-E-G's Guardian Angel
1997  ~   2005
Clydine lounging in her House
Angel and her Girls
Sand-Bur-Kids Destiny's Pride
2003  ~  2006
GCH Sand-Bur-Kids LC Blush 1*M
2002  ~  2006
My-Enchanted-Acres Blu-Rosette
(6th Place Intermediate Kid at 2005 Nationals)
2005 ~2007
A Very Big Thank You to
Kim Puzio of My-Enchanted-Acres for Breeding and Trusting us with such a Beautiful Doe.
Rosie earned her Dry leg at the Ontario Show on May 12, 2006
Rosie kidded with triplet Does on 3/15/07 and passed away on 3/17/07 of Milk Fever
She will be dearly missed and she will be waiting for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. 
The Good Lord definetly knows how to pick them, as she was my very favorite and best 2 year old.
May you rest in Peace my Dear Sweet Rosie.

                   SSS: Firebird Bo-K's Ignitor
                SS: Thunder Ridge Limited Edition   
LA 4-0 87 VVV
                       SSD: Farraway Farm DBH Hailey 1*M

Sire: Thunder-Ridge BT Patriot   LA  2-0  87 VAE
        SDS: H. Homestead Integrity
               SD: Farraway Farm Boppin Brianna
                      SDD: CH Farraway Rockin' Robin

Thunder Ridge PDF Water Skater          DOB: 2/10/04
        DSS:Iron-Owl Sand Storm
              DS: Iron-Owl TSM Tinjimani
                      DSD:GCH  Iron Owl Tansy 4*M

Dam: GCH Iron-Owl PTN Dragonfly 1*M   LA  6yrs.-  90 EVEV
     DDS: Iron-Owl PVT Timpanogos
               DD: CH Iron Owl TPPGM Pollywog
                     DDD: Iron Owl Tadpole
GCH Iron-Owl PTN Dragonfly 1*M

(Skater's Dam)
SGCH Thunder*Ridge PDF Miss Skeeter 2*M
LA: 4YRS-  90 EEVV

2nd pl. 3 year old at 2007 ADGA Nationals

(Skater's yearling Littermate Sister)
Pictures compliments of Kim Williams
Thunder Ridge Nubians
Thunder-Ridge PDF Water Skater
(Pictured as a yearling)
Thunder-Ridge PDF Water Skater
Feb. 2004 -  May 2009
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