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November 1975
Episode #0086
Original Airdate: November 3, 1975
Ryan’s is packed and everyone is celebrating Frank’s success. Maeve observes progress between Pat and Faith and is less than pleased. A lab technician applies to Seneca for a job in Neurology. Seneca offers him to Nell as a present and she graciously accepts. Delia arrives at Ryan’s upset that she was left behind at the rally. She sees no future for herself at all in terms of Frank. Maeve puts an end to her self-pity and tells her that enough is enough. Delia makes an effort to find out when Frank can come home and urges the earliest time possible. Maeve warns Pat about falling into the trap that Ryan men are susceptible. Kenneth notices Faith’s interest in Pat.

Episode #0087
Original Airdate: November 4, 1975
Headquarters is chaotic as Election Day wears on. Maeve calms a heated Mary as she reacts to the persistent rumors about Frank's condition. Mary shares some of her feelings about Jack with Maeve. Maeve asks Johnny to make the effort to be pleasant to Jack for Mary's sake. Bob apologizes to Mary for being edgy with her regarding Fenelli. Reports on the local race show Frank to be trailing terribly. Delia conveys to Jill her anticipation that Frank will lose the election. Mary and Bob leave to bring Frank to the bar. Jack and Johnny both make a huge effort to be cordial to one another. Frank arrives and changes the mood of the bar, which is gloomy due to his being behind. ABC news has the local race projections.

Episode #0088
Original Airdate: November 5, 1975
ABC news predicts Frank Ryan the winner and there is happiness all around - except from Delia. Bucky finds Nell making plans in case the procedure goes wrong and persuades her to come to Ryan's with him instead. Frank's victory intensifies his dilemma. Bucky deals with the reality of Pat and Faith. Nell deals with the reality of her feelings for Seneca. Pat suggests to Mary that Frank should go back to the hospital. A bad headache renders Nell unconscious.

Episode #0089
Original Airdate: November 6, 1975
Nell is rushed to the hospital where her leaking aneurysm is confirmed. Pat and Faith attempt to comfort Bucky. Kenneth introduces himself to Pat and Faith, and wants to know what happened to Nell. Seneca wants to be with Nell forever. Kenneth has a first person encounter with Faith. Preparations are made for immediate surgery.

Episode #0090
Original Airdate: November 7, 1975
Mary is full of excitement from the events of the day and is finding it hard to leave Jack. Pat tells Faith that he is going to leave the progression of their relationship to her. Jack reinforces Mary's decision to define herself as an individual apart from her brother. Bucky interrupts an intimate moment between Pat and Faith. Jack expresses to Mary how much he cares about her and pleads for her decision about their future.

Episode #0091
Original Airdate: November 10, 1975
Nell's surgery progresses with great tension. Mary and Jack share intimate moments after making love. Jack reassures Mary's insecurities about his past loves. Seneca consoles a worried Clem who fears the operation may not have gone well. Seneca recalls a time when Nell feared she would reach old age. Jack tries to deter Mary from waking her parents when she calls them to tell of her whereabouts. Seneca explores his concern about Nell with Bucky. Nell regains consciousness.

Episode #0092
Original Airdate: November 11, 1975
Mary reaffirms her love for Jack and goes to face her family. Seneca and Bucky attempt to discover if Nell is impaired in any way. Mary tries to explain her feelings for Jack to Maeve, who feels she has made a huge mistake. Seneca and Bucky fear that something is wrong with Nell. Johnny feels that Mary is giving herself to a man that hates her brother. Mary tells Johnny that he cannot make her feel guilty about loving Jack.

Episode #0093
Original Airdate: November 12, 1975
Frank and Jill pledge to love one another forever. Faith seeks reassurance from Pat that she isn't moving too fast. Bucky catches Faith and Pat in a kiss. Delia enlists Johnny's help in getting Frank home as soon as possible. Frank expounds hope to Jill when he tells her that he is not going home to Delia when he leaves the hospital. Bucky recovers from the shock of seeing Pat and Faith together and gives them an update on Nell. Pat tries to explain his feelings for Faith, but Bucky is unapproachable. Kenneth arranges to stay in Neurology despite Nell's sickness. Seneca affirms to Johnny and Delia that there will be no objection to Frank's going home. Delia rushes in and delivers the news to Frank and Jill.

Episode #0094
Original Airdate: November 13, 1975
A triumphant Delia relishes in the fact that Frank is coming home. Mary calls Jack and is reassured that she did the right thing. Frank and Jill are forced to deal with the Delia's manipulation in getting him home, and vow to get through it. Johnny is hurt when Frank doesn't share in his excitement in going home. Frank is shocked when he learns of the progress of Mary and Jack's relationship. Johnny has high hopes that Frank's life can be an example for Mary. Mary tells Delia that Frank may come to hate her for what she is doing to him. Delia threatens to make Jill regret her relationship with Frank.

Episode #0095
Original Airdate: November 14, 1975
Jack arrives at Ryan's looking for Mary, and Johnny orders him out of the bar. Kenneth inquires about Faith to Pat. Mary tries to justify her feelings for Jack to Frank. Nick finds out that Frank is going home and realizes how essential it is to get his cooperation. Frank makes it clear to Nick that he is not giving favors to anyone. Faith flirts with Pat who can't keep himself from responding. Kenneth spies on Pat and Faith with binoculars. A heated argument leaves Mary telling Johnny that if Jack isn't welcome in Ryan's then neither is she.

Episode #0096
Original Airdate: November 17, 1975
Mary prepares to move out of the Ryan household. Roger is infuriated to learn that Clem performed the surgery on Nell and that Seneca assisted him. Nick approaches Roger and tells him that he wants to collect. Bob tries to convince Johnny to go to Mary and calm her down, but Johnny knows that he will only make things worse. He asks Bob to go instead. Johnny's convictions are confirmed when he consults Jill about Jack. An angry confrontation between Roger and Nick results in a call to Herbie asking him to lean on Roger. Bob tries to keep Mary from leaving, but fails.

Episode #0097
Original Airdate: November 18, 1975
Delia is confused when she finds Mary packing her bags in a fury at her father. Johnny arrives to pick up Frank, and tells him about his troubles with Jack. Nell and Bucky are alarmed by the extent of her weakness, and send for Seneca. Delia manages to detain Mary until Frank and Johnny arrive. Seneca comforts an outraged Nell when she protests her condition. Mary accuses Frank of maintaining a double standard of behavior in the family when he tries to discourage her from leaving.

Episode #0098
Original Airdate: November 19, 1975
Faith shares with Pat something that has been on her mind. Jack comforts a furious Mary. Herbie greets an unsuspecting Roger when he is waiting for him in his kitchen. Roger tries to borrow the money from his father and fails. Faith tells Pat that she wants to make love to him. Mary agrees to Jack's decision that they should go and have a talk with her family.

Episode #0099
Original Airdate: November 20, 1975
Faith is exuberant about being able to love Pat, which makes Pat very happy. Nell's sister arrives and is warned about how upset she is before she visits her. Roger pleads with Nick to call Herbie off, but still refuses to divulge information about Frank. Nell uses psychological defenses to deny the importance of what's happened to her. Pat and Faith get intimate in the medicine room and are observed by Kenneth.

Episode #0100
Original Airdate: November 21, 1975
Jack returns with Mary to the bar and offers Johnny a second chance. Jill and Frank desperately miss one another. Delia opens a new offensive in a campaign to regain Frank. An emotional confrontation results in a truce between Johnny and Jack. Mary returns home. Johnny fears for the future for his children's generation and their view on family values. Jill and Delia struggle for Frank, each in her own way. Mary has renewed hope for the future. Herbie leans on Roger.

Episode #0101
Original Airdate: November 24, 1975
Roger regains consciousness. Herbie tells Nick he thinks Roger will be more cooperative in providing information on Frank Ryan. Faith tells Jill how wonderfully happy Pat has made her. Roger arrives at Jill's and falls into her apartment. Frank tries to explain to Delia his current feelings about her and their marriage. Roger tells Jill everything. Jill agrees to a loan and is appalled about his involvement. Mrs. Huber complains to Frank about her apartment building possibly being sold without the tenant's approval. As Frank pledges his help in organizing tenants, Nick plans to keep him from doing just that.

Episode #0102
Original Airdate: November 25, 1975
Nell continues denial, which Seneca explains to Bucky. Bob tells Frank about Charley's plans for Congressman Ryan when Jill arrives. Roger gives Nick the money he owes him but that is not all that Nick wants. Bucky is distressed about Nell's condition. Kenneth pays Nell a visit and has the pleasure of talking about Faith. Jill tells Frank about Roger's situation. Nick extracts information about Frank from Roger. Nell cannot sustain denial in Seneca's presence.

Episode #0103
Original Airdate: November 26, 1975
To Pat's delight, Faith is blossoming. Maeve tells Pat to not start anything with Faith that he does not plan to finish. Kenneth takes Faith's keys from her purse. Maeve asks Mary to invite Jack to Thanksgiving dinner in an effort to improve family harmony. Kenneth enters Faith's room and is almost caught by Faith and Pat. Mary is saddened to realize that some of the people that she loves cannot be brought together. Kenneth escapes unnoticed with a copy of Faith's keys.

Episode #0104
Original Airdate: November 27, 1975
The Ryans celebrate Thanksgiving dinner. Mrs. Huber arrives with a problem. Nick does not anticipate any further problems with apartment building situation. Faith and Jill both wish they were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with certain members of the Ryans. Roger tells Jill that he told Nick the truth about her and Frank. Mrs. Huber describes Thanksgiving in a building with no heat and hot water and the Ryans come to the rescue. Nick feels he has Frank's career in the palm of his hands. Seneca and Bucky try and make it a happy Thanksgiving for Nell. A childhood memory forces Nell to admit what is happening to her. Nick requests a meeting with Frank to give him an offer he is sure he can't refuse.

Episode #0105
Original Airdate: November 28, 1975
A frightened Jill warns Frank that Nick has learned about them. Pat and Faith share how they wanted to be together for Thanksgiving dinner. Bucky and Kenneth discuss Nell's future. Kenneth's twisted feelings for Faith begin to surface. Delia and Jill get into a fight over Frank. Nick arrives to see Frank. Faith and Pat share an intimate moment. Faith receives a letter that is disturbing. Nick explains what it is he wants from Frank and threatens his career if he doesn't get it.

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