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September 1975
Episode #0041
Original Airdate: September 1, 1975
Faith tries to thank Pat for bringing her to the pub but is interrupted when Nancy enters, stealing Pat's attention. Seneca confronts Nell after finding her kissing Ed. Faith is troubled by the sexual chemistry Pat and Nancy share and dances with Bucky to escape. Seneca tells Nell that he moved out here for reconciliation, but Nell tells him that it is too late. Nancy dances with Bucky and upsets Faith, who asks to be taken home.

Episode #0042
Original Airdate: September 2, 1975
As Mary and Jack babysit Little John, they begin to talk about their thoughts on marriage and babies. Delia tries to justify her actions and pleads with Frank not to tell anyone. Faith opens up to Bucky and tells him that she is uncomfortable with her sexuality. Bob interrupts Mary and Jack to tell Mary that Frank woke up. Delia's plea to Frank is interrupted by arrival of Mary and Bob, who want Frank to tell them what happened.

Episode #0043
Original Airdate: September 3, 1975
Delia is relieved when Frank tells Mary and Bob that he does not remember the accident. Frank says that he does remember the $6,500, and that he took it out of his own savings account that morning to put into the campaign fund. Maeve and Johnny discuss their concern about Jack's interest in Mary. Jill confirms their reason for concern. Frank tells Delia that the reason he lied is because he doesn't want anyone to know that his wife tried to kill him, and that he won't make any promises to her about their future together. Bob and Mary are dismayed with Frank's story. Delia confronts Jill about Jill and Frank's relationship and tells her that their affair is over. Jack and Mary fight when he tells her that he does not believe Frank's story.

Episode #0044
Original Airdate: September 4, 1975
Nick gets Frank to cooperate with the story he told Jack and Bob. Mary is perplexed when she finds Nick with Frank. Nell apologizes to Ed for Seneca's interruption of their evening. She confirms that even though Seneca seems to be set on staying in town, her marriage is over. Seneca questions Marshall about Ed and Nell. Frank eases Mary's fears about Nick. Mary wants to resolve the whole issue of the $6,500. Seneca interrupts Ed and Nell to question Ed about hospital issues, but Ed refuses to discuss anything until Seneca joins the staff. Mary talks to the nurse that found the $6,500 on Frank. Nolan Ryan arrives at the hospital.
Special Guest Star: Nolan Ryan as Himself

Episode #0045
Original Airdate: September 5, 1975
Pat tells Frank that they are going to run tests on him to find out what the extent of the damage is and what they can do about it. Mary calls Pat to come see Nolan Ryan in the ER. Jill and Frank discuss their future together and the situation with Delia. Mary discovers that Nolan Ryan has a problem and tries to help him keep his photo out of the paper by shielding him from Fenelli. Jill and Frank reach an understanding as Delia arrives. Mary distracts Fenelli, as Pat is able to get Nolan to Neurology for an x-ray. Frank tells Delia that in exchange for his not telling anyone that she pushed him, he wants her to keep quiet about his relationship with Jill.
Special Guest Star: Nolan Ryan as Himself

Episode #0046
Original Airdate: September 8, 1975
Delia begins an emotional confession and Father McShane realizes who she is. Nolan arrives at Ryan's to thank Mary. Jack sees Mary kiss Nolan as he is leaving and becomes jealous. Seneca tries to find out what Ed means to Nell, and becomes furious when his attempts fail. Delia pours out grief to Father McShane over what she's done. Father McShane approves of her intention to try and make it up to Frank and his family. Jack and Mary work out their problems. Johnny expresses his worries to Maeve about Mary's trust in Jack. Delia shares with Maeve that she is ready to start over and make a new beginning.
Special Guest Star: Nolan Ryan as Himself

Episode #0047
Original Airdate: September 9, 1975
Mary convinces Frank to speak with Jack. Frank is taken aback by the relationship between Mary and Jack, but agrees to let it rest until he is better. Bucky realizes that something is terribly wrong with Nell and offers to be there for her if she needs him. Jack interviews Frank and is unsatisfied with his answers. Mary is troubled about the outcome. Faith, Bucky and Pat make plans for an outing at the houseboat. Johnny expresses parental concern to Mary about Fenelli. Mary asks him to give Jack a chance to prove himself. Fenelli gives the story about Frank to his editor for the afternoon edition.

Episode #0048
Original Airdate: September 10, 1975
Delia shares with Frank about her confession to Father McShane and that she has vowed to make a change. Frank tells her that there is no future for them. Seneca talks with Bucky about Nell. Bucky suggests that he talk to Ed to see if he has any information. Seneca resolves to do just that. Nick offers to help Delia if she ever gets into a bind. Seneca confronts Ed and demands that he leave Nell alone. Delia files a claim for the hospital to repay the missing $6500. Jill tries to stand up to an adamant Delia when she is told the conditions of which she can see Frank, but the moment is clearly Delia's.

Episode #0049
Original Airdate: September 11, 1975
Bucky helps out in a crisis, but then takes off for the weekend with the keys to the narcotic's cabinet. Jack's editor confirms that the Frank Ryan story will run in the early edition of the paper. Mary asks to read story and Jack tells her that it is not ready. Jack takes Mary to see Sister Mary Joel. Bucky is called back to hospital and leaves Pat and Faith on the houseboat - alone. Pat teaches Faith to dance and she tells him that she feels more comfortable with him than Bucky. Jack admits that he cares about what Sister Mary Joel thinks about him. Sister Mary Joel needs Jack's help.
Special Guest Star: Sylvia Sidney as Sister Mary Joel

Episode #0050
Original Airdate: September 12, 1975
After a cordial meeting with Mary, Sister Mary Joel calls in a favor of Jack. Jill wishes that she and Frank could bring their relationship out into the open. Frank goes against Delia's wishes and asks Jill not to file a claim for the money. Sister Mary Joel shares with Mary how to break through Jack's aloofness. Johnny motivates Frank to send a mental signal to move his little toe. Mary has a temporary breakthrough with Frank. Johnny jubilantly tells Maeve about Frank's progress. The celebration is dampened when Bob comes in with Fenelli's column about Frank.
Special Guest Star: Sylvia Sidney as Sister Mary Joel

Episode #0051
Original Airdate: September 15, 1975
Mary hears part of Jack's column and apologizes to her family for trusting Fenelli. Jill shares with Roger how upset she is about Fenelli's column and that she is worried about the effects that it will have on Frank's political career. Nick is furious about the column and demands that the hospital finds Roger - who is expecting his call. Mary and Jack have an angry encounter over his column. Nick is furious with Roger and learns that he knows something about Frank. Mary and Jack experience a sense of loss.

Episode #0052
Original Airdate: September 16, 1975
Delia is stunned when she learns that Frank wants her to be silent about his canceling the claim for the hospital to pay the $6500. Ed learns of Seneca's appointment as Chief of Neurology. Faith cheers up a downcast Mary and shares with her how special she feels the Ryan men are - especially Pat. Reactions to Seneca as Head of Neurology are heated. Frank asks Mary to trust him and gives her hope that Fenelli will eat his words.

Episode #0053
Original Airdate: September 17, 1975
Mary learns that the party leaders want a new candidate. Faith and Roger deal with the news of Seneca's appointment. Ed tells Seneca that he plans to continue to see Nell. Mary pleads on Frank's behalf and wins him a ten-day extension. Nick speculates about what Roger knows about Frank Ryan. Roger sets out to be charming to Seneca and upsets Faith. Jack tries to see Mary and Bob throws him out of campaign headquarters.

Episode #0054
Original Airdate: September 18, 1975
Pat helps Bucky make plans to cheer up Faith regarding Seneca's appointment. After receiving an injection, Nick apologizes for any embarrassment his relationship with Frank and Johnny may have caused them - then goes into convulsions. Bucky waits for Pat and Faith as they deal with a nurse's mistake. Maeve is outraged at Seneca's appointment. Delia decides to try to be like Jill. Faith and Pat share a moment of intimacy then realize that they forgot about Bucky.

Episode #0055
Original Airdate: September 19, 1975
Mary convinces Ed to let her be assigned to Frank's therapy. Roger is very glad to see Mary. Nell asks Ed to make an observation from x-rays for an unnamed patient. Roger charmingly says, "told you so" about Fenelli and makes a date with Mary. Under Roger's supervision, Mary exhorts Frank to try to move his leg and he manages to move it a fraction. Ed and Roger discuss Ed's concern about Nell. Ed has a revelation.
Note: This episode has never been shown on SOAPnet due to the deterioration of its original print.

Episode #0056
Original Airdate: September 22, 1975
Ed goes to Nell and gets her to confirm his revelation that she is suffering from brain aneurysms. Delia relays information to Jack that Roger is taking Mary on a date and Jack sets out to find them. Ed promises to help Nell in any way he can. Roger and Mary are having a good time until Jack's arrival unsettles them. Mary confronts Jack about their situation. Jack leaves and Roger is unable to reestablish their earlier mood.

Episode #0057
Original Airdate: September 23, 1975
Frank makes some progress and Delia fights hard for his approval. Bucky shares with Pat that he is considering proposing to Faith and Pat tries to dissuade him. Charley decides to support Frank. Jill pays Frank a loving visit on the way to headquarters. Bucky tries desperately to get a moment alone with Faith. Jill encounters Delia at headquarters and refuses to give in to Dee's demand that she give up on the campaign.

Episode #0058
Original Airdate: September 24, 1975
Delia discusses her marital problems with Father McShane and vows a new approach. Ed studies Nellís x-rays again and confirms the diagnosis. He promises to make her days ahead the best possible. Delia keeps her vow and deals with Frank in a loving way and reminds Frank of better days. Seneca attempts to use his professional relationship as a stepping-stone to a personal relationship with Nell, but to no avail. Frank tries to dissuade Delia from changing for him but Delia feels that there is still hope for them.

Episode #0059
Original Airdate: September 25, 1975
A drunken Jack calls out for Mary and awakens the entire Ryan household. Bucky tells Faith that loving her is driving him crazy and forces her to make a decision. Maeve calms Johnnyís anxiety that he did not deal with Fenelli. Jack tells Mary that heís had too much to drink because of her. Bucky faces the truth that he must give up seeing Faith. Jack apologizes when he realizes how much he hurt Mary.

Episode #0060
Original Airdate: September 26, 1975
Nick tries to find out what Roger has on Frank. Bucky shares with Pat what happened between him and Faith. Nell and Faith share heated words. A discouraged Frank asks Pat to level with him about his physical condition. Faith blasts Nell, and is reprimanded by Ed and comforted by Pat. Frank wrestles with guilt over his love for Jill.

Episode #0061
Original Airdate: September 29, 1975
An effort to ease the tension between them only makes things more painful for Bucky and Faith. Bucky learns that Nell has a terminal condition and promises not to tell Seneca. Troubled Faith gets help from Maeve. Seneca learns of a near fatal error and confronts Ed. Nell forgives Ed for telling Faith about her. Bucky seeks comfort Ė and a drink from Maeve.

Episode #0062
Original Airdate: September 30, 1975
Delia shows off her latest efforts to win Frankís approval, and doesnít succeed. Bobís efforts to invite Mary out are interrupted by Rogerís arrival with Fenelliís latest column. An agitated Delia blurts out about the unfairness of Frank withdrawing the claim for the missing $6500 Ė to none other than Jack Fenelli. Jack obtains confirmation from Jill about the claim and is sure that he is on to something.

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