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Technical Specifications Summer 2008


All equipment is PAT tested before leaving for an event, and has red and white insulation tape on to identify it as mine.  

There are a few pictures of the equipment, and these can be found after the description. However, I have recently been upgrading and changing my stock, so the pictures are getting out of date!


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Other Items






Stage Lanterns

All Lanterns have a Hook Clamp, Safety Bond, and are fitted with 15A round pin plug.



2 x Ianiro “Polaris”, 1,000W, No Colour Frames but both have Barndoors. polaris.jpg (83726 bytes)

2 x CCT “Minuette”, 500/650W, Colour Frame and Barndoors. cct.jpg (88429 bytes)

1 x Strand “Prelude”, 650W, Colour Frame and Barndoors. prelude.jpg (87612 bytes)

2 x Strand “Patt 123”, 500W, No Colour Frames, 2 Barndoors. pat123s.jpg (74521 bytes)

6 x Strand “Minim”, in Blue, 300W, all with Colour Frames and Barndoors. minims.jpg (76318 bytes)



1 x Strand “Patt. 60”, 500W, 2 Colour Frames. p60front.jpg (78949 bytes)

8 x Outdoor Floods, 500W, 4 in Black, 2 in White, and 2 in Black are paired, with a 16A plug. 



1 x Selecon “ZS1200 N 8-16”, 1000/1200W.

2 x Strand “Prelude 16/30”, 650W, Both with Shutters, Gobo Holders and Colour Frames, 1 Iris. preludes.jpg (76880 bytes)

1 x Strand “Patt. 23, MkII”, 500W, with Shutters, Gobo Holder, Iris, and Colour Frame. p23.jpg (91750 bytes)

Small selection of Gobos, for above, and other lanterns. 



5 x “Par64”, 1,000W, with Colour Frames. pars.jpg (65555 bytes)

12 x “Par36”, or “Pinspot”. pins.jpg (89215 bytes)  

2 x “Par16”, or “Birdies”, individual transformers, Colour Frames.


DMX Lanterns

These come with a 13A plug.


2 x Martin “MX-1” moving mirror lanterns. 

4 x Stairville “Mobile Color” colour changer, 10 colours, plus open white, ideal for lighting mirror balls.

6 x Eurolite “RGB LED PAR56”, using LEDs, almost any colour can be created. ledpar.jpg (48539 bytes)


Disco Lanterns

These come with a 13A plug.


1 x Martin “Rainbow 2”, which produces multicoloured blocks of light, rotating to music. rainbow.jpg (88552 bytes)

1 x Soundlab “Ravedancer”, which produces multicoloured blocks of light, rotating and moving to music.

1 x Geni Wild Blaze, which produces multicoloured blocks of light, rotating and moving to music. 

1 x Geni XTC, which produces multicoloured blocks of light, rotating and moving to music.

1 x Abstract mirror light, which produces multicoloured blocks of light, static. abstract.jpg (103706 bytes)

1 x Acme “Disco Inferno”, which produces flame effect, with speed control.

1 x Botex “Laser Crab LS-5”, laser light which produces 16 patterns that can change with the music. laser.jpg (104415 bytes)dl1.jpg (47747 bytes)dl2.jpg (75811 bytes)

1 x Rols “Ropelight”, 400 Clear lamps in a string, Disco 8 pin Plug. ropelight.jpg (37130 bytes)

1 x Rols “Lightbox”, 4 Coloured lamps in a box, 2 Disco 8 pin Sockets. 

1 x SoundLabs “Midi Strobe”, PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT CONTROLLED BY MIDI.  GIF Animation  

1 x 20cm DIA Mirror Ball, with 3 rpm Motor.

1 x 40cm DIA Mirror Ball, with 2 rpm Motor.


Dimmers and Controllers

Please note that I have fitted a 13A plug on all dimmers and controllers. 

These are fitted with a 13A fuse, so the total load on a dimmer pack must not go over 13A or 3,000W. 

I can convert some of them to other forms of plugs, for example a 32A CEEform if required.


Dimmer & Demux Unit

1 x Zero88 “Demux 48”, to control dimmers with one of the DMX controllers below. demux.jpg (98418 bytes)  

1 x Zero88 “Betapack1”, 6 channels with two sockets each, 15A outputs, 8 pin din control. beta.jpg (101082 bytes)  



1 x Zero88 “Betapack1+”, 6 channels with local control, 15A outputs, 8 pin din control. bpplus.jpg (95241 bytes)

1 x Zero88 “Betapack2”, 6 channels with two sockets each, 15A outputs, DMX or 8 pin din control.

1 x Zero88 “Alphapack”, 3 channels with local control, 15A outputs, 8 pin din control. alpha.jpg (103632 bytes)

2 x Pulsar “Minipacks”, 3 channels with two IEC sockets each, 8 pin din Pulsar control.

1 x Mode “SD2500” 1 channel, max load is 2,500W, local control only, 15A output.



1 x LSC “Axiom 24/48”, 24/48 channel Lighting Control Desk, with floppy disk storage.

1 x NJD “SC-4000i” Disco Controller, 4 channels, Speed and Sound control, Bulgin Disco 8 pin out. 


Lighting Cables, Grelcoes, & Converters

40 x Various lengths of Temperature Resistant Sleeve (TRS) 15A cable, from 1.2 to 15.1 metres. 

1 x 15m 5 pin DMX cable.

1 x 10m 5 pin DMX cable.

1 x 6m 5 pin DMX cable.

1 x 3m 5 pin DMX cable.

3 x 2m 3 pin DMX cable.

6 x 0.5m 3 pin DMX cable.

1 x pair of DMX 5 to 3 pin converters.

2 x DMX Terminators, with status LED, one has 5 pins, the other has 3 pins.

4 x Various lengths of long TRS 16A cable.  

1 x Long length of Bulgin 8 pin Disco cable.

10 x 15A Grelcoes, various styles.

3 x 15A Trelcoes.

2 x 13A to 15A converter.

4 x 15A to 13A converter.

2 x 13A to 16A converter.

2 x 16A to 13A converter.


8 pin din control cables

2 x 10m extension leads, these are joined together at the sockets, but are separate leads from there.

2 x long extension leads.

1 x long jumper.

2 x short jumper.

2 x 37pin Socapex (Demux output) looms, mostly wired for zero88 dimmers, but 12 channels wired for Pulsar dimmers.

1 x 10m 37pin Socapex extension lead.

From the top






2 x Shure “SM58”.

2 x Samson “S11” (equivalent to “SM58” above).

1 x Realistic “600 Ohm”.

2 x Audio-Technica “Pro 37R”, Unidirectional Condenser Microphone.

1 x Behringer “ECM800” reference Mircophone for the DSP 8024 below.

1 x Sennheiser “e815” Microphone.

1 x t.Bone “EM 9900” Shotgun Microphone.

2 x Peavey “PVM 480” Cardioid Electret Micriophone.

Foam windshields are available for all above microphones.


Radio Microphones

1 x JTS “Mh-950” Handheld Radio Microphone, 841-865MHz.

1 x Sennheiser “eW101” XLR Transmitter (requires another Mic), 838-870MHz

1 x Trantec “S2000M”, Handheld Radio Microphone, 173.8 MHz.


Direct Inject Boxes

1 x Behringer “ULTRA-DI DI20” 2 channel DI box.

3 x Passive Direct Inject Boxes. 



1 x Beyer Dynamic “DT100”. 

1 x Sennheiser “eH1430 Evolution”.

1 x Sennheiser “HD497”.  

1 x Goodmans “Pro CD 9007”, Stereo Cordless Headphones, 100m range.



2 x EV “SXA100+” powered speakers, which can be used with just a mic! They look exactly like the SX-200’s below.

1 x EV “SBA750” This is a 750W stereo Sub Bass unit, for use with the SXA100+ speakers in larger venues.

2 x EV “SX-200”, 300W each.  ev.jpg (82576 bytes)

 Both pairs of SXA100+ and SX-200 can be flown in their dedicated brackets, which are also available.

Mixing Desks

1 x Allen and Heath “Mix Wizard 14:4:2”, 10 Mic channels with 2 swept mids, 2 stereo channels, 4 groups, 6 auxes.

1 x Sountracs “Topaz 12:4”, 12 channel mixing desk, 4 Mono and 4 Stereo channels. RnSA.jpg (98930 bytes)



Plackback Rack 1 (New)

1 x Thon “Rack Lite” 5W Rack Light.

1 x Sony “MDS-JE520” Minidisc Deck.

1 x Marantz “PMD-321” CD Deck.

JTS, Sennheiser and Trantec Radio Mic Receivers.

Unit contains all leads needed to get to and from mixing desk.


Playback Rack 2 RnSC.jpg (85506 bytes)(*)

1 x Sony “MDS-JE330” Minidisc Deck. 

1 x Sherwood Technics “SL-PG590” CD Deck.  

1 x Aiwa “AD-F450” Tape Deck.

Unit contains all leads needed to get to mixing desk.


Control Rack 1 RnSD.jpg (89067 bytes) (*)

1 x Thon “Rack Lite” 5W Rack Light.

1 x ART “LTX”, 16 bit Reverb Unit. 

2 x Behringer “Composer Pro”, Compressor/Limiter/Gate, 2 channels each. 

1 x Behringer “Ultragraph Pro FBQ 3102” 2 channel 31 Band EQ.

Unit contains all leads needed to get to mixing desk.


Control Rack 2  

1 x Behringer “Composer”, Compressor/Limiter/Gate, 2 channels. 

1 x Behringer “ULTRAGRAPH DSP8024” 2 channel 31 Band EQ.


Amp Rack

1 x C-Audio “GB-402”, 2 channels Amplifier, 400W per channel. caudio.jpg (100397 bytes)


Hard Disk / ADAT / Multitrack recorder.

1 x Fostex “D-90”, record and playback upto 8 tracks for up to 3 hours in CD quality audio.


Loose Items


1 x Sony “Net MD MZ-N710”, Minidisc Recorder, with USB computer link.

1 x Sharp “MD-MT16”, Minidisc Recorder.

1 x Panasonic “SL-S208”, CD Player. 

1 x Sony “WM-EX302”, Tape Player. 


Radio Tuner

1 x JVC “T-GXIL” Stereo Tuner, FM Stereo/Mono, MW, LW. 


Sound Cables

1 x 30m, 16 send / 4 return XLR Multicore, on Drum.

1 x 15m Long XLR lead.

6 x 10m Long XLR lead.

14 x Various other XLR leads.

Various hook up leads.

2 x 12m 5mm2 Speakon-Speakon, Speaker Lead.

1 x 7m 5mm2 Speakon-Speakon, Speaker Extension Lead, with coupler.


Induction Loop

1 x Signet "PDA200E" Induction Loop Amplifier with dedicated loop cable. Makes your event DDA compliant!


From the top


Other Items



1 x “MIDISmart”, 37 mini-keys, MIDI out only.

1 x Midiman “MIDISPORT2x2”, 2 MIDI inputs and 2 outputs, to and from USB.


DVD Player

1 x Cyber Home “ADL - 528”, DVD player, with 5.1 or Stereo Audio output; Coaxial and Optical Digital

      outputs;  RGB / Scart / Composite Video output. Region 2 DVDs only. 


Outdoor Kit

1 x Rols “Cablecover” 60m, Hides cables in grass! Includes pins to hold it down. 

1 x E-ZUP “Dome”, Outdoor shelter, in Blue. 

1 x mesh sided tent to house speakers.


Smoke Machines

1 x Antari “Z-800”, with either normal remote or timer remote. Control also possible via XLR cables.

1 x Antari “F-80”, with 3m remote control. smoke.jpg (92197 bytes)

1 x Antari “F-80z”, newer model of above in silver, with 3m remote control.



2 x Strand “Tall Stands”, for Lighting, Chrome. 

2 x LightingTec Stand, for Lighting, in Silver, with “T” bar for 4 lanterns.

1 x LightingTec Stand, for Lighting, in Black, with “T” and “L” bars for up to 7 lanterns.

3 x 90cm, 48mm DIA, Scaffolding bars “T-bar”, for Lighting. 

2 x 48mm DIA Scaffolding bars and flying brackets, one is 1m90cm, the other 2m25cm.

4 x Various, for the EV Speakers.

7 x Microphone, 4 tall (2 Chrome, 3 Matt Black) 2 short (Matt Black), all with boom arms.  

3 x Keyboard, Matt Black

1 x Music, Matt Black. 



2 x Motorola “T5422” Two way PMR radios, 3 mile range, with charging station.

2 x Motorola “T5522” Two way PMR radios, 3 mile range, with charging station.

4 x Realistic “TRC-506” Two way headset radios, 49 MHz, 1/4 mile range.

1 x Home-made signaling system, using 1 XLR cable.


PAT Testers

1 x Seaward “Europa”.

1 x Seaward “IT1000”.

1 x Welch Allyn “Scanteam 3400 CCD” barcode scanner.


From the top