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Rockman Modules by SR&D

This page is dedicated to SR&D's Rockman gear. Here you will find some images and information about the unit.

Please notice, I DO NOT work for SR&D or Scholz, nor do I have any contact with them. I can not get parts or manuals. I created this site because I couldn't find any other good sites about Rockman gear.

As you probably know the Rockman line of guiatar gear was invented by Tom Scholz, leader of the band Boston. The rockman gear was invented out of need. There simply wasn't gear available at the time that could do what Tom wanted, so he designed his own.

One of my favorite features of the rockman line is that it's almost impossible to get a bad tone out of it. If you make an adjustment many other adjustments are performed by the circuits automatically to maintain a perfect tone. For example as you adjust the gain on the sustainor the output level is automatically adjusted to maintain the same apparent volume.

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