The Ninth Child

Auguste was born at Birdwood on the 11th May, 1867, and was also baptized there. She attended the Lutheran Day School at Palmer.

On the 17th January, 1887, Auguste married Johannis Christian Weber, the Ceremony being performed by Pastor Harms at Palmer. For some time Johannis conducted a blacksmith's shop at Sanderston, which he later sold to Auguste's brother Wilhelm. They bought a general store at Stockwell (this store is still standing) around 1900 and remained there until 1909. They moved on to Loxton where they share farmed with her nephew Alf Rosenberg (Auguste's sister Pauline Rosenberg, was living there at the time).

Five years later after purchasing this property they left their two eldest sons to work this farm while they themselves moved to Kybybolite (near Hynam) in the South East of the state. On the accidental death of their eldest son Alfred in 1918 they decided to return to Loxton to assist their other son run their original farm.

In 1922 they ran a motor garage at Gawler, installing the first petrol pump in the area. After staying only 2 years they once again moved back onto the land, this time at Peake, where they purchased and cleared 2000 acres of virgin country, paying 5/- per acre for the land. Auguste died at Peake aged 60 years and was buried at Murray bridge.

Auguste is remembered as a great family woman believing in strict family discipline.

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