Carl Friedrich

The Seventh Child

Friedrich Carl (known as Charlie) was born twin to Anna Maria at Birdwood on the 26th June, 1865. At about the age of twenty he took up land in the Black Hill area where he lived in a mud hut for a number of years, the remains of which are still there. As he was the first man in this area, he had to clear the land before he could farm it. Even though it was virgin land he never had very good crops because of droughts, vermin, mainly kangaroos and wallabies, and also the lack of farm equipment.

On the 30th November, 1892, at the age of 27 he married Johanna Pauline Aesche at Cambrai. They had two sons and six daughters, who helped him with the work around the farm. In 1893 he built a two roomed house on the Rhine Creek, now known as the river Marne. Some years later he added to it and it became quite a large house.

Charlie farmed all his life and in later years he took up more land and kept a few sheep. He was a hard working man and very prompt, contrary to his old saying "now hold on a piece". He was also a foundation member of the Lutheran Church at Black Hill. After a long illness, he died on 16th September, 1936 at the age of 71, and is buried at the Black Hill Cemetery.

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