Johann Gottfried

The First Child

Johann Gottfried was born and baptized at Birdwood. His sponsors when he was baptized were Johanne Schaepe, Friedrich Hoffman and Johann Zadow. His early school days were spent at Birdwood, and when his family moved to Milendella in 1867 he continued his learning at the Palmer Lutheran Church School, walking four miles across the hills to get there.

In 1875 he married Johanna Henriette Auguste Wegener at Palmer. Johann was noted as an excellent shearer and he travelled widely carrying out his work. He purchased his first land in 1890, and then in 1892 he took over his father�s farm in the area known as �The Gap� in the hills above Milendella.

In the mid-nineties his wife and some of the children moved to New South Wales to live with her family, while Gottfried continued to farm at Milendella until 1899, when he sold the farm and returned to his former occupation as a roving shearer. In the mid-twenties he lived with his brothers in the Black Hill area. Eventually in 1931 his daughter Mary came to South Australia and took her father back to New South Wales to live with her at Alma Park.

He passed away there on the 2nd July, 1934 at the age of 78 years. His family consisted of ten children.

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