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Advertising Policy Learn how to advertise with Software Wizard for free.
Song Language Advisory Guideline How songs are rated on the Software Wizard website.
Amaya A brief explanation of the Amaya web browser.
AOL IM A brief introduction to AOL Instant Messenger.
Chat Programs Download numerous popular chat programs. Most require separate login names.
Desktop Environments Download the most popular desktop environments exclusively for Linux.
Download ProgramsGet programs to assist you with downloading files.
Download Speeds A guide to estimating the download time for your programs
E-Mail Programs Download stand-alone e-mail programs for various different systems.
Graphics, Photo and Animation ProgramsDownload various photo editing, screenshot, 3D and Animation tools, all for free.
Hot Java A brief introduction to the Hot Java web browser.
Linux Distributions Download popular versions of Linux.
Lynx A brief introduction to the Lynx text-only browser.
Media Players Get the best media players for all kinds of file types.
Media Players (2) Download Musicmatch and Quick Time.
MSN Messenger A brief introduction to MSN Messenger
Free Music A selection of free 1-minute song samplers.
Rating General instructions on how to rate a program and how to write a review.
Reviews Write and read reviews for most programs.
Download Speeds How to estimate your download times.
Web Browsers Download newer versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Web Browsers (2) Download older versions of Netscaspe.
Web Browsers (3) Download web browsers other than Netscape and Internet Explorer.
Win with Software Wizard The Software Wizard contest rules & regulations.
Internet Explorer A brief explanation of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
Netscape Navigator A brief explanation of the Netscape web browser, Mozilla, and Opera.
Microsoft Layer for Unicode Instructions on where to get unicows.dll for OpenOffice Word Processor for Windows.
Word Processors Download the free Open source word processor OpenOffice for Windows, Mac, Linux or FreeBSD.


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