Bordertown 1887
This fan fiction is based on the television series 'Bordertown' and some of it's regular characters. When the series ended in 1991 , we were left wondering if Marie would choose the mountie or the marshal. That question is answered in this story.
  The two main characters in my fan fiction are Jack and Mabel (the marshal and the school marm).
Mabel of course is a fictional character I added, just to spice up the marshal's life!
The other characters play a secondary role.
   The story is rated PG...and I have tried to keep the characters as close to what we remember as possible. No copyright infringement is intended.
   I hope you enjoy is intended to be lighthearted and humorous, with a little touch of romance, a few sad scenes and some pretty sappy ones too. Just like the program!
   I don't pretend to be a great writer, but someone more famous than me wrote Nahanni!
Let me know what you think...good or bad.....
chapter one.... The new Teacher
chapter two.... A New Beginning
As Mabel Nestor arrives in Bordertown, Jack and Wendell have preconceived ideas about her, Jack figures she's an old spinster who resembles a chicken and Wendell thinks she'll be the woman of his dreams. Both men are wrong.
Mabel gets familiar with her new surroundings as well as the townsfolk. But one Bordertowner insists on causing trouble.
chapter three....The Town Meeting
The town...led by Joanna Radway, decides Mabel's fate.
chapter four....The Fishin' Trip
A bank robbery interrupts Jack and Mabel's fishing trip.
chapter five...A Change of Plans guessed it! Mabel's in for another change.
Bordertown's first school officially opens it's doors.
chapter six...Sam and the snake.
chapter seven....Spring is in the air
When Marie tells Mabel about Lucy's new beau she comments "it's almost as if spring is the the air."
But it's October! And if a young man's fancy turns to love...Mabel wonders what a old man's fancy turns to?
chapter eight....Matters of the Heart
Jack finds himself dealing with some issues...mostly Mabel issues.
chapter nine....Return of the Halfbreed
Marshal Craddock is upset when Gabriel Couteau returns to Bordertown.
chapter ten....Bear Grease and Turmoil
Jack makes a difficult decision...Mabel and Joanna Radway have another confrontation.
chapter eleven....The One Cent Piece
Would YOU pay Bennett to kiss you?
chapter twelve....The Blizzard of 1887
Mabel gets lost in a blizzard...but not before she gives away Jack's secret.
chapter thirteen....A Father's Last Words
Mabel's family visits Bordertown.
chapter fourteen...The Birds and the Bees
Sally and Marie decide it's time to have a talk with Mabel.
since this is a continuing story I suggest you read the chapters in order.
chapter fifteen....Four Horses and a Slight Hitch
The big day has arrived...but can Jack and Mabel work out their differences before it's too late?
chapter sixteen....The New Hat
Bordertown celebrates...and someone gets a new hat!
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chapter seventeen...Baby Blues
Jack and Mabel both suffer from the baby blues.
chapter eighteen....Jack's News
Jack  is faced with telling his very pregnant wife some very sad news.
This is where I originally intended to end the story...but I was spurred on by someone who said they wanted more!
The next chapter jumps ahead one year to  April 1889.
chapter nineteen....A Sad Farewell
Bordertown says goodbye to one of it's own.
chapter twenty....Waitin' on a Miracle
Mabel and Jack are both in need of devine intervention.
chapter twenty-one....The  New Marshal
The residents welcome a new marshal.
Richard Comar as Marshal Jack Craddock
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