The people who run Redinbrin Kennels, situated near Mt Cotton, just south of Brisbane, are the Cloughley family -  Amanda and Stephen Cloughley with their two daughters Amelia and Caitlin currently aged 12 and 8.  Amanda is a qualified Librarian but a stay at home Mum except for the occasional story telling gigs.  She is the mainstay of  the dog breeding but is fully and well supported by her fireman husband Stephen.  Stephen originally bred red and brindle boxers and this is where the kennel name Redinbrin [red and brindle] originated.
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Our aim, with this website, is to help guide you about Golden Retrievers and West Highland White Terriers.  These are the dogs we know, love and breed.  This site will contain many photos, but also much advice, tips and related links.  Our dogs are show dogs but here we want you to see that our dogs are also  real dogs.  They are yard dogs, house dogs and show dogs.  Please do not hesitate to contact  either the breeder or the webmaster at the email links given below.
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The webmaster is Lis Brown who is the carer for one of  the Redinbrin dogs [Angus] and soon to be the carer for a second Westie.
Lis is a grey nomad, living a very transient life in a motor home and recently bit the bullet and invested in wireless broadband.
With her interest in dogs, writing,  digital photography and Photoshop, it seems a natural progression for her to dabble with web building.  It has been amazing to see this website develop and now you too can see what can be done with no previous experience and very little cost.
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Lucianne has just become an Australian Champion

Congratulations Lucianne and also to Amanda and Stephen
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