Redinbrin Kennels and Yards - for real dogs
Above and right.
Our signature photos.  These  scenes are  an everyday welcome to family and visitors alike and depend only on dog yard allocation for the day.   As you drive in, one of the yards is on your left.  The Westies wait as the car approaches and then follow you along the fence until you have pulled up at the back of the yard.  The Westies, from the left are Ellis and then her [late] sister Georgia.  Next is Lucianne then Baxter and finally Poppy. This happy snap photos is what Westies are - alert, friendly, social, lovable and just gorgeous.
The Goldens, from left, are Sebine, Hunter, Bess and Meg.
The Cloughley property is 12 acres.  There are four main yards.  Three are the size of large house yards and one is about a half acre. The Golden Retrievers on the left are in one part of the house yard.  The kennels have two holding pens [in a very large shed] which are at least three metres by four metres.  There is another holding pen in the house yard which is about four metres by five metres plus a shelter shed which is about two metres by four metres.  The shed is gated so that it too can be utilised in wet weather.
The above photograph competed with the one at the top for the right to be the signature photograph for the Westies. 
It didn't win because who would believe that you could feed that many Westies without a problem? 
Well, it is done daily at Redinbrin.
Not always in a neat row like this but the photographer
[Lis, the Webmaster] wanted to experiment. 
It is a shame that this sight is of brief duration as it is
pure pleasure to watch such a line of beautifully behaved dogs.
Stephen and Caitlin arriving back from a walk with Bess, Hunter and Meg.
Below -This is some of the guys in the feeding line above and you would never believe it is the same group.  They always settle though - called by name  and given a bowl. 

The drama queen here is Baxter
Coco and Angus in the house yard [left] and Amanda in one of the shed holding pens [right].
and now a reality check - yes - breeders too deal with normal problems but does it not sometimes make for great photos??!!
Above - Golden Retrievers love the water - they were totally unconcerned when all the yards flooded early in 2008.
This scene [above and left] greeted Amanda and Lis one day on returning  home after a deluge.  The Westies and the Golden Retroever pups are obviously unperturbed but apparently enjoyed banding together with shelter.
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Redinbrin Kennels
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breeding for health and temperament
At right - at the back of the house, the house yard adjoins an even larger yard which is usually the run for at least two Golden Retrievers.
At left - Apart from the holding pens, this is our smallest yard or 'run'.  We truly love our dogs and respect their needs to run as free as possible with good security, shelter and shade.  Most importantly though is grass.  Dogs who never leave a more typical 'run' or worse, who never leave the concrete or an artificial floor cannot have proper health and temperament.  

All of our dogs are familiar with all the yards as they  rotate through the various yards depending on dog numbers, bitches on heat, work requirement such as worming, puppies, bathing
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