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Baxter was bred by our friend Margaret Goulden in NZ.  Margaret has been loving and breeding Westies for thirty four years and we are grateful to Margaret for ensuring us a wonderful dog so that her excellent blood lines are available here in Australia. 

Baxter is The Man of the kennel.  A position he is proud to share with Angus when Angus is visiting, providing there is no bitch in heat [in which event it is prudent to separate two entire dogs].

We do love all our dogs but Baxter is special in that he is exactly what 'the book' states he sould be.  He is the right size, he has good pigment, he tail is the right length, he has a wonderful coat and he is the right height.

These attributes make him a beautiful compact dog and, along with his incredible blood line, is in high demand for stud work.
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