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Angus is the companion of Lis BROWN,.  Lis is a grey Nomad and has taken Angus  thousands of kilometres throughout Australia with their other friend Ami; on dozens of diffferent beaches;  on uncountable differents walks;  through much varied bush settings and to dog shows as far away as Cloncurry and Darwin [Best of Breed in Darwin 2007].  We think that it is due to this lifestyle that Angus has a confident and well developed manner.   Angus loves everyone - from small children to Aged Care residents whomhe has visited.
Angus is healthy and robust..  He is not only Australian bred but he is Redinbrin bred and we are proud to offer Angus for stud work along with our own little man Baxter [NZ Imp].
Angus [on left] with kennel mate Baxter
Angus with our daughter 8 year old Katie in Lis's motor home.
Angus has his own web photos on Lis's Hotmail Photo Space. 
Click on the below link to enjoy Angus's journey around Australia,
Angus's Trip 'Around the Block'
Angus's Stud Mate Baxter
Angus's Daughter Coco
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is a real boy despite the way he scrubs up.  Here,
he has collected a few cobbler peg prickles.
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