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What is ABS-CBN? Mission-Vision of the Media Network Reach History
History of ABS-CBN

taken from Pinoy Television: The Story of ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN Publishing), ABS-CBN TV (1990-2000), Pinoy TV Blog and Clodualdo del Mundo's "Telebisyon: Essay on the 50 Years of Philippine TV" (CCP)


ABS-CBN begins airing

  • the variety shows Gym Team and Ready Get Set Go

  • the talk show Cityline

  • the religious shows Rosary Crusade and Iglesia/The Church

  • the educational shows Awit-Titik-Bilang na Pambata/Songs-Letters-Numbers for Kids, For Kids Only and Bananas in Pyjamas 

  • the weekly movie features Tagalog Movie Greats, Million Dollar Movies (revised names: Megasine, ABS-CBN Presents, Sunday Family Cinema)

  • American-language shows like Baywatch, X-Men, the Beverly Hills series, Melrose Place, Video Hit Parade, Business & Leisure and Home Front

  • Chinese-language dramas, variety shows and movie features 

ABS-CBN launches 

  • the integrated production design company Creative Creatures Incorporated

  • the customer-oriented channels Skymall and Real Estate Channel

ABS-CBN talents, among them Joey Marquez and Herbert Bautista start to run and win in the local and the national elections.


ABS-CBN airs the drama Maalaala Mo Kaya/Remembering/Can You Remember and the comedy Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata/Wait for the Next Episode.

ABS-CBN sets up the the Talent Development and Management Center (also called Talent Center, later Star Magic) to develop a stable of new stars for the network.

March 25: ABS-CBN and the Lopez Group of Companies set up Sky Cable, the leading cable TV operator.  


ABS-CBN airs 

  • the legendary comedy Home Along da Riles with legendary Filipino comedian Dolphy and Nova Villa, running for the next 11 years

  • the dramas Ipaglaban Mo/Fight! and the legendary Mara Clara, catapulting the popularity of lead star Judy Ann Santos, becoming the number 1 drama in afternoon and on primetime, and setting the trend of local dramas today

  • the current affairs show The Inside Story with Loren Legarda and Hoy Gising! Mga Imbestigador ng Bayan/Wake Up! The Country's Investigators

  • the talk shows Martin After Dark and Showbiz Linggo/Showbiz Sunday with Cristy Fermin, Butch Francisco, Edu Manzano, Roderick Paulate and Tintin Bersola 

  • the legendary variety show Ang TV/The TV featuring the young ABS-CBN talents, catapulting the popularity of its various stars like Claudine Barretto, Jolina Magdangal, Marvin Agustin, Mylene Dizon, Jan Marini Alano, Rica Peralejo, Roselle Nava, Diether Ocampo, Patrick Garcia, Paolo Contis, John and Camille Pratts, Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, Joy Viado, Winnie Cordero and Joji Isla

  • the first Tagalog-dubbed cartoons Peter Pan, Cedie-Ang Munting Prinsipe/The Young Prince and Princess Sarah, which set the trend of Tagalog-dubbed foreign shows today

ABS-CBN airs live coverage of events this 1992.

  • May: ABS-CBN airs Halalan '92, the network's first post-1986 marathon coverage of the Philippine national elections-its predecessor being Halalan '69. It covers the 1992 Philippine national elections that oversaw 1986 EDSA Revolution personality Fidel Ramos and Filipino movie actor Joseph Estrada as the new president and vice president respectively.

  • July: ABS-CBN covers the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona in Spain, the second time ABS-CBN covers the Olympic Games in its lifetime, and the first time after the Martial Law and the 1986 EDSA Revolution. 

Events take a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN has 62% audience share in Metro Manila--12 times its initial audience share at the end of 1988 and the highest recorded audience share by a TV network then.

  • ABS-CBN's reach expands to over 88% of the Philippine archipelago--the widest TV coverage of a TV network then.

  • ABS-CBN Regional begins producing shows for the local audiences.

  • ABS-CBN gets accolades from various organizations in the Philippines and all over world--including Euromoney, International Financial Review, Asian Business Magazine, Asiamoney Magazine, Finance Asia and Far East Economic Review.

  • Asian Business Magazine ranks ABS-CBN as Asia's Most Admired Media Company for the next 5 years, making ABS-CBN the first Filipino media company be named as such.

  • ABS-CBN is the first Filipino media company to go public as makes initial public offering of stocks at the Philippine Stock Exchange, selling shares at P15.00 per share and ending at P26.50 per share at the day of its opening.

  • ABS-CBN's co-network Channel 5 (ABC-5) reopens.

  • February: ABS-CBN launches the international Filipino media-communications entity ABS-CBN International in Daly City, United States.

  • November: ABS-CBN signs a historic lease with PANAMSAT and switches from taped international telecasts to live satellite feed.  


ABS-CBN launches 

  • the worldwide Filipino media network The Filipino Channel (TFC).  The first launch is in various Filipino communities in the United States' West Coast. With 8 hours of Filipino programming carried by Western Cable Systems and TCI Cablevision, and in various TV stations in United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe, this is the network coming into being-the first time a Filipino network attempts successfully to go global.

  • ABS-CBN Televideo, penetrating the video rental market in the United States

  • the movie outfit Star Cinema, with its first movie Adan Ronquillo: Tubong Cavite, Laking Tondo/Adan Ronquillo: Born in Cavite, Raised in Tondo as a box-office hit and making ABS-CBN the first Philippine media network to venture into movie production and distribution

Events take a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • January 1: In celebrating the New Year 1993 and in celebrating 40 years of Philippine TV, ABS-CBN resurrects the Sarimanok logo.

  • ABS-CBN launches The Grand ABS-CBN Sarimanok Milyung-Milyong Pasasalamat Raffle Papremyo/The Grand ABS-CBN Sarimanok Millions of Thanks Raffle Prize Contest-the first, biggest, longest and most dynamic nationwide promo contest by a media network, which was repeated 2 times in the decade

  • ABS-CBN realizes the dream of Bridges on the Air with the launch of its satellite news gathering system for its News and Current Affairs Organization--the 1st in the Philippines--making possible the live nationwide simultaneous broadcast (simulcast) of shows and live reports from any remote point of the country.

  • ABS-CBN is the first Filipino media network to join in Asia's 200 Leading Companies in the 1993 issue of the Far East Economic Review magazine.

  • ABS-CBN reports TV Patrol ranking number 1 in its timeslot for Filipino televiewers in the western states of the United States, according to the Gallup Poll and launches the newscast in the states of California and Hawaii in the US.

  • ABS-CBN signs a 15-year contract with Western Cable System and TCI Cablevision, the United States' largest cable operator that year.

  • Star Cinema releases another box-office May Minamahal/Someone to Love

  • ABS-CBN's Star Cinema begins producing movie versions of popular ABS-CBN shows.  Its initial movie adaptation of Home Along Da Riles becomes a box-office hit. 


ABS-CBN features special plugs and programs as it celebrates 40 years as a TV company and the 40th anniversary of Philippine TV.


ABS-CBN premieres the Star Drama Theater, the comedy Mana/Inheritance and the variety show ASAP/ABS-CBN Sunday Afternoon Party (new name: ASAP Mania), with hosts Dayanara Torres, Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez, running it for the next 12 years with ABS-CBN stars and various artists as co-hosts.

Events take a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN launches the Sarimanok News Network Channel 37 or SNN (new name: ANC/ABS-CBN News Channel), the first 24-hour Filipino news network and the first regional programming cable TV channel on national and international broadcast

  • ABS-CBN's Star Cinema releases Ika-11 Utos-Mahalin Mo Asawa Mo, Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Labada Darling , Lagalag-The Eddie Fernandez Story, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Separada, Wanted Perfect Father, and the movie adaptation of Maalaala Mo Kaya. 

  • ABS-CBN launches the Sarimanok Station ID, the first Filipino station ID made by an all-Filipino creative team using full computer design, graphics and animation, and the first Filipino station ID to win 2 International Gold Medals for Creative Excellence (from the Fuji Television FNS Titles Competition in Japan and the New York TV Festival in the United States)

  • April: ABS-CBN's satellite service links up with PANAMSAT's PAS-2--the world's first global satellite system reaching to over 66% of the world's viewing population. TFC's worldwide launch begins in Burlingame in US, coming as the first premium Filipino cable TV channel in the US, with 1,500 subscribers in three months of launching.

  • May: ABS-CBN airs the worldwide broadcast of the Miss Universe Contest in Manila, the city's 2nd time to hold the contest. 

  • June: ABS-CBN begins airing Sineskwela/School on Film, the first televised educational program aired in Philippine public schools focusing on elementary science lessons. It starts producing shows like Hiraya Manawari/Legends and Bayani/Heroes.

  • September:  TFC begins running 24 hours of all-Filipino programs, among them the international edition of TV Patrol. More launches of TFC in various parts of the world take place in the next 10 years. 


ABS-CBN begins airing

  • the weekly family drama Familia Zaragosa/The Zaragosas (where the concept teleserye-television series is first made) and the first youth-oriented television drama-comedy Gimik/Get-Together (later as G-Mik

  • the daily variety show 'Sang Linggo N-APO Sila/They're Here for One Week still with the Apo Hiking Society

  • the talk show Cristy Per Minute with Cristy Fermin

  • the current affairs show Companero y Companera, with Atty. Rene Cayetano and Tessie Tomas, whom Gel Santos Relos replaces

  • the comedy Oki Doki Dok with Aga Muhlach as lead, running it for the next 7 years

ABS-CBN launches

  • the IT entity Internet Media Group (IMG, now ABS-CBN Interactive)

  • ABS-CBN.com, the first Philippine TV website, making ABS-CBN the first Filipino network in the Internet

ABS-CBN airs the live coverage of events this 1995.

  • The ABS-CBN Broadcast Vigil for Flor Contemplacion, the live night-long marathon broadcast for Filipino Overseas Contract Worker (OCW) Flor Contemplacion on the hours before and after her execution in Singapore as unjust punishment for her alleged murder of fellow Filipino OCW Delia Maga and her Singaporean ward Wong Si Kyong. [This broadcast gets a 75% rating and 88% audience share after midnight-the first time a Filipino media network with such record and a milestone in Philippine TV history.]

  • the marathon coverage on the succeeding burial rites for Flor Contemplacion

  • Halalan '95, the network's media coverage of the Philippine national elections that sees the win of senatorial candidates sponsored by President Ramos

  • the nationwide noise-barrage media campaign No Nukes Now and Forever, as it joins hands with the Philippine government's response to foreign countries' decision to conduct nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean archipelago, miles near the Philippines.

Events take a turn for ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema releases box-office hits Eskapo/Escape: The Serge Osmena-Geny Lopez Story (based on the 1977 escape of ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio Lopez Jr with current senator Sergio Osmena III and their States-side exile), Basta't Kasama Kita/Always Being With You, "Hataw Na/Dance!", Home Sic Home, Mangarap Ka/Dream On, Pare Ko/My Pal, Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara/Kill Barbara with Fear, Tapang Sa Tapang/Courage with Courage, Asero, Bukas...Bibitayin Si Itay-Father Will Be Executed Tomorrow, Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo/Thicker than Blood, and the movie adaptations of Ipaglaban Mo and Princess Sarah

  • ABS-CBN airs the first ever Filipino tele-movie (made-for-TV movie) shot on 16-millimeter film.

  • ABS-CBN is the first Philippine media network to use a computerized weather satellite system.

  • ABS-CBN is the first Philippine media network to have a full satellite transmission covering the entire mainland of the United States.

  • ABS-CBN, with the UGAT Foundation, launches the annual Bayaning Pilipino Awards (renamed Gawad Geny Lopez Jr), aiming to give recognition to unheralded Filipinos (individuals, families and organization) serving their fellowmen.

  • ABS-CBN capitalizes on subscription base of the newly-built cable TV company affiliate Sky Cable.

  • ABS-CBN launches the 24-hour all-Filipino cable-satellite broadcast service by ABS-CBN International in the United States, followed by various launchings in various territories in Middle East (Dubai and Jeddah), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and Europe (Milan) in the next 10 years.

  • ABS-CBN links up with Hughes satellite G-4 as TFC gets 25,000 paying subscribers.

  • January 15: ABS-CBN and other local TV networks join international media in covering the Catholic Church International World Youth Day and 2nd Visit of Pope John Paul II in the Philippines, with special coverage rights awarded to GMA.

  • February 2: ABS-CBN is the first Philippine media network to expand into music recording production and distribution as it incorporates the music recording company Star Records, which goes on producing the music albums of the network's artists like Pops Fernandez, Jamie Rivera, Roselle Nava, Tootsie Guevarra, Jolina Magdangal and Jeremiah, and the soundtracks of the various Star Cinema movies

  • October 20: ABS-CBN is the first Philippine media network to have its own merchandising spin-off items in local and worldwide markets as it incorporates its merchandising arm Star Magic Incorporated (new name: ABS-CBN Creative Products), selling merchandise featuring the network's various TV shows.

  • November 23: ABS-CBN incorporates Roadrunner Network, the organization of the best Philippine post-production companies aiming to serve the needs of the advertising and film industries.


ABS-CBN launches

  • the variety show Alas Singko Y Medya/5:30 the first ever morning newscast/variety show running for the next decade and Star Music Video, featuring the music videos of the ABS-CBN stars

  • its first telenovella or Latin American drama Maria Mercedes from Mexico's Televisa, starring popular Mexican TV actress Thalia, who gets the Best Actress Award in a Mexican TV awards festival for her portrayal in the drama series

  • more Latin American dramas like Lazos de Amor/Ribbons of Love and Illusiones/Illusions

  • the current affairs show Balitang K

  • cartoons such as Double Dragon, Cro, Blazing Dragons, Hyperman, Ang Mahiwagang Kuwintas, Littlest Pet Shop, Magic Knight Rayearth, Conan & the Young Warriors, the Little Women series, The Slayers, What A Mess, Zenki, Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo, Zorro, Hiawatha, Wind in the Willows, Adventures of T-Rex, Conan-The Adventurer and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 

ABS-CBN hosts the media special The 50th Anniversary Handog Pasasalamat, celebrating ABS-CBN's 50th anniversary as a media-communications corporation.

Events took a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN Regional Network Stations begin broadcasting at 25KW and airs 2 shows on nationwide broadcast making them available to the nationwide audiences except Manila audiences.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema presents Madrasta/Stepmom, Magic Temple, Ama-Ina-Anak/Father-Mother-Child, Hangga't May Hininga/To The Last Breath, May Nagmamahal Sa Iyo/Someone Loves You, Isa...Dalawa...Takbo/One...Two...Run, Kung Kaya Mo...Kaya Ko Rin/If You Can Do It So Can I, Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon/Then and Now, Sa Aking Mga Kamay/In My Hands, Utol/Brother, and movie adaptations of ABS-CBN Manila shows Mara Clara, Ang TV, Oki Doki Dok and Cedie Ang Munting Prinsipe, the ABS-CBN Cebu show Milyonaryong Mini and ABS-CBN's radio station DWRR-Radio Romance

  • ABS-CBN launches the nationwide FM radio network Star Radio, which later became My Only Radio For Life (MOR For Life)

  • ABS-CBN captures a huge 49.4% of the total advertising industry.

  • ABS-CBN launches its merchandising arm Star Magic Incorporated, thru its signature store Studio One.

  • ABS-CBN, via the ABS-CBN Foundation, and other Philippine TV stations join the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children's Television, aiming to uplift standards of children's shows in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

  • ABS-CBN becomes the 1st Philippine media network to be honored with a commemorative stamp by the Philippine government, in celebration of its 50 years of existence.

  • 1st quarter: ABS-CBN's primetime shows suffer from poor Metro Manila ratings due to high Metro Manila ratings and eventual popularity of Marimar, the first Tagalog-dubbed Latin American drama from Mexico's Televisa starring Mexican TV actress Thalia, showing on RPN. 

  • 2nd quarter: ABS-CBN cuts the 1-hour TV Patrol to 30 minutes, moves its daytime drama series Mara Clara to primetime slot occupying its RPN counterpart Marimar, and premieres Maria Mercedes. In time for its 50th anniversary as a media-communications corporation, it succeeds repelling the Marimar craze as it makes Mara Clara the number 1 primetime show toppling Marimar from the top slot after 2 months and regains its primetime shows' high Metro Manila ratings and high Metro Manila audience shares.

  • June: ABS-CBN is the Philippine TV network with the biggest nationwide audience share of 77%, as it holds 49% audience share in Metro Manila and 81% audience share in the regions. ABS-CBN's reach expands to over 95% of the Philippine archipelago--the widest TV coverage of a TV network then.

  • October 12: ABS-CBN launches the UHF Channel Studio 23, making it the new home of ABS-CBN Manila's English-language shows (and later its Tagalog-dubbed cartoons). Studio 23 becomes the number 1 Philippine UHF channel in Mega Manila in 6 months and slowly being the overall number 3 channel in Mega Manila. 


Studio 23 begins telecasting local shows like News Central and Breakfast. Other English-language local shows from other networks, like Game Plan and Travel Time move in to Studio 23.


ABS-CBN reaches to 97% of the archipelago.

ABS-CBN airs 

  • the dramas Oka Tokat/I'm Afraid, Wansapanatym/Once Upon A Time, Mula sa Puso, Tabing Ilog/Riverbank, Flames, Calvento Files, the Bantay Bata media project and Esperanza-the highest rated local show in Philippine TV history

  • the foreign shows Marisol and Earth Link

  • the comedies Spice Boys, Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis/The Mister Can Do It...So Can the Missus, Onli in da Pilipins/Only in the Philippines, and the revived pre-1972 version of Super Laff-In 

  • the newscast La Nina Watch due to the El Nino and La Nina climate phenomena hitting the world then

  • the variety showKaybol-Ang Bagong TV

  • the weekly Filipino movie features Cine Fiesta and Star Cinema Presents-featuring the Star Cinema movies

  • the current affairs shows Assignment and Usapang Business/Business Talk 

  • the talk shows Dong Puno Live and Today with Kris Aquino

ABS-CBN airs special events this 1997.

  • ABS-CBN airs the Binibining Pilipinas Contest for the first time.

  • ABS-CBN covers the rallies against the Ramos administration's plans for Charter Change.

  • In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law, ABS-CBN airs the independently-produced Batas Militar-Martial Law in the Philippines.

Events take a turn for ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN's DWRR changes into campus radio format catering to a wider audience.

  • ABS-CBN Regional's 14 radio stations begin dialect-specific and local programming, boosting ratings.

  • ABS-CBN inaugurates its regional broadcast complexes in nationwide cities such as Dagupan, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema opens the international movie Goodbye America in co-production with foreign filmmaker Pacific Hollywood.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema releases the hits Amanos-Patas Ang Laban/Fair Fight, Ang Pulubi At Ang Prinsesa/The Princess and the Pauper, Batang PX/Amboy, Biyudo Si Daddy...Biyuda Si Mommy/Daddy is A Widower...Mommy is A Widow, "I Do...I Die...Diyos Ko Day/My God!", "Paano Ang Puso Ko/How About My Heart?", Lahar-Paraisong Abo/Haven of Ashes, NBI: The Mariano Mison Story, Ligaya Ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin/Call Me Joy, Wala Ka Nang Puwang Sa Mundo/You Have No Right to Live in this World, Langit Sa Piling Mo/Heaven At Your Side, Ikaw Pala Ang Mahal Ko/So You Are My Love, Sabi Mo Mahal Mo Ako...Walang Bawian/You Said You Love Me...No Regrets, Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin/When Can I Still Love You, Wanted Perfect Murder, Iskalawag-Ang Batas Ay Batas/The Law is Law, Kokey, the movie version of the Tagalog-dubbed cartoon Ghost Fighter, and the movie adaptations of Ipaglaban Mo (the second time), Calvento Files and Flames.

  • Studio 23 premieres foreign shows Dawson's Creek, Charmed, Oprah, Party of 5 and variety shows from cable channel MTV.

  • June: ABS-CBN is the Philippine TV network with the biggest audience share, as it holds 41% audience share in Metro Manila and 71% audience share in the regions.

  • December: Eugenio Lopez Jr. turns over the ABS-CBN chairmanship to son Eugenio Lopez III. Freddie Garcia becomes the network's president.


Nationwide TV audience is 10.6 million, with ABS-CBN as the most widely-watched network getting Metro Manila audience share of 48% and regional audience share of 98%.

ABS-CBN airs 

  • the drama shows Star Mini-Series (featuring the dramas Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako/The Moment You Need Me and Nagmamahal Pa Rin Sa Iyo/Still Loving You), Marinella, Katapat/Your Equal-Mayor Fred Lim and Munting Paraiso/Small Haven

  • the foreign shows Alondra and Kassandra

  • the comedies Pwedeng-Pwede/Can Really Be, Tara Jing Potpot and Richard Loves Lucy

  • the talk shows Sharon with Sharon Cuneta, Feel At Home, Jullie/Tell the People Now and Martin Late @ Nite with Martin Nievera.

  • the variety shows Magandang Tanghali Bayan/Happy Noontime to Our Dear Nation, Sabado Live/The Live Saturday Show, Sarap TV, Keep on Dancing and Cyberkada

  • the cartoons Charlotte, the Saber Marionette series, the B'TX series, Georgie, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Snow White, The Musketeers, Heidi, Young Robin Hood and Tico and Friends

  • the newscasts The Weekend News and Global News

  • the current affairs shows Pipol/People, The Correspondents, Sports Unlimited and F

  • the educational shows Knowledge Power, Math-Tinik/Smart in Math and Epol Apple

ABS-CBN Regional produces more regional shows such as 

  • the regional dramas Balod Ikaw Gapnod Ako and Bunga sa Patay Nga Kahoy/From Dried Wood

  • the regional comedies Matud Nila Baby

  • the regional variety shows Sabado Jam/Saturday Jam, Zambo Jambo, Awitanghalan-The Singing Contest, and the Regional Boxing Knockout

ABS-CBN covers the media special Pagdiriwang ng Bayan/A Nation's Celebration: The Expo Filipino Inaugural Special, the grand opening of the Expo Filipino for the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence.

ABS-CBN covers

  • Halalan '98, the media coverage of the Philippine national elections that sees the win of Joseph Estrada as president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as vice president, and ABS-CBN news personality Loren Legarda as senator

  • the fatal Cebu Pacific airplane crash in Cagayan De Oro

Events take a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN airs 98% local programming with 200 show episodes weekly.

  • ABS-CBN launches the new professional basketball league Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA), with all the league's sports coverage airing over ABS-CBN Studio 23.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema presents Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa/How is A Child Made?, Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya/The Man in Selya's Life, Labs Kita, Okay Ka Lang/I Love You...Are Your OK?, Magandang Hatinggabi/Merry Midnight, Muling Ibalik and Tamis ng Pag-Ibig/Bring Back the Sweetness of Love, "Ala Eh Con Bisoy... Hale Hale Hoy! Laging Panalo ang Mga Unggoy", April-May-June, Birador/Sharpshooter, Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita/Because I Love You So Much, "Haba Baba Doo! Puti Puti Poo!", Hiling/Wish, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay/Waiting For You So Long, Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo/If You Do Not...Just Not Do, Mystrio, Nagbibinata/Adolescence, Notoryus/Notorious, Pagdating Ng Panahon/When Time Comes, Puso Ng Pasko/Heart of Christmas, Tatlo...Magkasalo/Gathering of Three, Tong Tatlong Tatay Kong Pakitong-Kitong.

  • Star Cinema movies start airing in various international cable and satellite media networks.

  • ABS-CBN incorporates ABS-CBN Publishing, the publisher of Metro, Working Mom, TV Guide, Star Studio, Guide, Food and Pink Magazines

  • ABS-CBN opens the theater operations group Cinemagica and the sing-along channel Videoke Channel.

  • ABS-CBN Foundation launches the Bantay Kalikasan division, as it starts collecting 5 million signatures demanding the ratification of the decade-old Clean Air Act, now a law.

  • ABS-CBN's Foundation-Bantay Kalikasan's Save the La Mesa Watershed Project begins reforesting the denuded 50% of the forest surrounding La Mesa Dam, Metro Manila's primary water source.

  • ABS-CBN gets new companion on the TV landscape--Channel 11 with ZOE Broadcasting Network of television evangelist Eddie Villanueva as owner.

  • June 12: ABS-CBN covers the nationwide events of the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence.

  • October: ABS-CBN features special plugs and programs as it celebrates 45 years as a TV company and the 45th anniversary of Philippine TV.


ABS-CBN airs 

  • dramas like Judy Ann Drama Specials, Saan Ka Man Naroroon/Wherever You Are and Labs Ko Si Babe/I Love Babe

  • foreign shows like Chabelita and Young Hercules

  • cartoons such Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tenchi-Muyo, Megaman, Isami and the Men in Black animation series

  • the first Tagalog-language late-night newscast Pulso Aksyon Balita/Pulse-News in Action

  • current affairs shows Pinoy Exposed and Loren

Events take a turn on ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN covers the cultural media special Kulturang Handog sa Bayan: Alay ng ABS-CBN at Sentrong Pangkultura ng Pilipinas/Cultural Gift to the Nation: Offering of ABS-CBN and Cultural Center of the Philippines

  • ABS-CBN holds Floodwatch, the special coverage on the annual torrential floods in Metro Manila and nationwide.

  • ABS-CBN launches Web Patrol, the first newscast on the web in the Philippines and Asia, linking with ABC News and CNN.

  • ABS-CBN launches the Millennium Transmitter, its new transmitter--the world's most powerful to date--at 120KW.

  • ABS-CBN successfully expands programming from 5:30am to 1:30am the next day.

  • ABS-CBN Entertainment opens the international movie Legacy with David Hasselhoff (of Baywatch series aired on ABS-CBN) and Donita Rose.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema presents Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko/I'll Tell That to My Father with Judy Ann Santos and legendary Filipino movie actor Fernando Poe Jr, becoming the number 1 most widely-watched movie in Philippine cinema history then, besting the epic movie Jose Rizal.  Other Star Cinema movie releases are Abel Villarama-Armado/Armed, Alyas Pogi-Ang Pagbabalik/The Return of Codename Handsome, Di Pwedeng Hindi Pwede/Should Not Be Never, Hey Babe, Isprikitik-Walastik Kung Pumitik, Kahapon May Dalawang Bata/There Were Two Children Yesterday, Mahal Na Kung Mahal/I Insist on Loving You, Soltera/Spinster, Suspek/Suspect, Tar-San, Tigasin/Hardened, "Tik Tak Toys... My Kolokotoys!", "Type Kita... Walang Kokontra!", Weder-weder Lang 'Yan/Just with the Weather and movie adaptations of  Esperanza, Mula Sa Puso, Gimik and Wansapanataym

  • PETA makes ABS-CBN its official drama festival station.

  • The State of the Vatican appoints ABS-CBN as the official station of the Catholic Church Jubilee Year 2000.

  • January 29: ABS-CBN incorporates ABS-CBN Interactive.

  • June 28: ABS-CBN reports its chairman emeritus Eugenio Lopez Jr dies from cancer.

  • July: Esperanza gets 58% rating for its episode, the highest rating in Philippine TV history before the Year 2000.

  • December 24: ABS-CBN covers the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at the State of Vatican, starting the network's coverage of all activities of the Catholic Church Jubilee Year 2000.

  • December 31: ABS-CBN has 18 shows occupying the top 20 slots in the annual ratings reports.


ABS-CBN launches 

  • the drama Pangako sa Iyo/My Promise To You/The Promise-the first teleserye/cinematic TV series 

  • the comedy Arriba Arriba

  • the foreign shows Rosalinda (the highest-rated foreign show of all time in Philippine TV), Camila, Nino Felipin/A Child Called Felipin, Daniela's Diary-El Diario del Daniela, Pura Sangre/Pure Hatred and Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog

  • the talk show Off the Record

  • the current affairs shows Barangay Dos and Isyu 101/Issues 101 

  • the newscast ABS-CBN Headlines with main anchor Erwin Tulfo (whom Karen Davila, Pia Hontiveros  and Tony Velasquez replace later)

  • the educational show Pahina/Page

  • the cartoons Angie Girl, Swiss Family Robinson and Magic Girls

Studio 23 begins airing the basketball games of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and foreign shows like Survivor, Spin City, West Wing, Will and Grace, 

ABS-CBN airs live coverage of the events this 2000.

  • January 1: ABS-CBN draws the biggest metropolitan and nationwide audience welcoming Year 2000, first year of the third millennium by popular belief, with a special live marathon worldwide broadcast THE GRAND ABS-CBN WORLDWIDE CELEBRATION OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. The network's top-rating broadcast includes 4 network-sponsored dusk-to-dawn millennium parties at Rizal Park, The Fort, Quezon Memorial Circle and Alabang Town Center and live coverage of millennium midnight celebrations all over Metro Manila, across the Philippines and around the world.
  • December: ABS-CBN covers the days of the Senate impeachment trial of President Estrada via the top-rating marathon coverage On Trial: A Nation in Crisis with ABS-CBN anchor Tina Monzon Palma and ANC anchor Katrina Legarda, plus legal experts including Atty. Francis Escudero. ABS-CBN airs the Christmas special A Christmas Prayer, in relation to the country's present crises.
  • ABS-CBN begins covering the turbulent events in the government's all-out war versus rebel forces in Mindanao.

Events take a turn at ABS-CBN this year.

  • ABS-CBN embarks on media digitization.

  • ABS-CBN Star Cinema releases Daddy O! Baby O!, Ex-con, Kahit Isang Saglit/Just One Moment, Minsan Minahal Kita/I Loved You Once, Tunay Na Tunay, Gets Mo? Gets Ko!/Really Real...Get It? Got It!, Tanging Yaman/Only Treasure, the movie adaptation of Magandang Tanghali Bayan's Pera O Bayong and Anak/Child, the highest grossing Filipino movie in Philippine cinema history besting Isusumbong Kita sa Tatay Ko.

  • ABS-CBN's Star Records launches Himig Handog/Hymn Offering Song Fest competition and starts the series of the song fest awarding media specials and begins releasing the Himig Handog album series.

  • ABS-CBN Star Records releases Jubilaeum-In The Fullness of Time (the album for Jubilee 2000), Ay Ay Ay Pag-ibig/Hurtful Love, Teen Hearts, On Memory Lane and Heart and Soul.

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