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The circulatory system in zero gravity

Ramin Amir mardfar


  The circulatory system in zero gravity

  A kind of fish called Ceratioide lives in the darkness of the depths of the sea, and the male (ceratias) is very smaller than its female (linophryne). When the males become mature, they lose their appetency and they ovoid eating, and if they can not find a female before the fat under their skin finishes, they will starve. When the male found the female fish, it sticks its teeth to the soft part of the body of female shark and so it hangs from female and gradually it goes inside the female's body. Then, gradually it loses its sensuous members and other body members including digestive members. The only members, which remain and are active, are its gonads. The male fish provides all its required materials from female's blood, including oxygen and food.
  The parasite worms of intestine also lack digestive members. Although their ancestors had these members, but by commencement of parasitism, these members have been disappeared in their body, and the digested and prepared food is absorbed by their skin. Digestion of food outside the body leads to interesting. If an animal with advanced digestive system comes toward such a way of nutrition; this question is posed that, what is the use of digestive system. The nature usually doesn't like wastage and most of the members will die or will be destroyed.
  Is it possible that the circulatory system of animals have such a situation? When the body doesn't need a system, the nature gradually will destroy it. The body doesn't need a complicated circulatory system in certain condition, does this system becomes simple gradually and its complicated parts disappear?
  Most of the energy of circulatory system is used to overcome the gravity. If an animal is placed in an environment, which has no gravity, the circulatory system will have less duty and because the nature wants to save and tries to prevent the waste of energy, will want to omit the circulatory system. The situations, in which these are no gravity, are provided in spaceships. The animals, which are placed in the orbit of earth by the spaceships, are in the condition of the gravity of zero, and their body will have a strange look toward the circulatory system. The circulatory system does not have more duty in the body of these animals, because there is no gravity to overcome and to drive the blood with more force upwards. The first action of the body to prevent the loss of energy by the circulatory system is to decrease the pulsation of heart and decrease the volume of the heart. This action occurs after that the animal is placed at the gravity of zero. How would be the effects of the gravity of zero in long time? And at the gravity of zero, which parts of the circulatory system the body will omit?
The main role of the blood vascular system is to carry the required material to different parts of the body. Some materials move in the blood vessels by themselves, but some other materials, especially gases, move on red cells. In each millimeter of the blood there is about 4.5 to 5 million red cells. These red cells live for 120 days and the body has to renew them every 120 days. To produce the large amount of red cells, the body needs an of energy. At low gravity the body wants to decrease these costs. In the earthworm there is no red cell and hemoglobin moves in the blood in the from of solution, but this is not a suitable way, and have low efficiency in high gravity, large animals do not this way. But at the gravity of zero there is no need for more output, whit the same circulatory system, it is possible to send the required materials to cells without red cell. At the gravity of zero, the body considers the red cell as the wastage of the energy and tries to eliminate them. At the gravity of zero the hemoglobin, which is dissolved in blood, can send the required materials to the cells of body without the help of red cells.
  At the gravity of zero vein valves are no needed, and may be the body puts them aside. Eventually, at the gravity of zero the body will think to make the circulatory system as simpler as it can, so it prevents the wastage of energy.
  Beside the circulatory system, preserver system of the body is related to the gravity, too. When the animal is at the gravity of zero, its body do not need for strong bones to keep it standing, so at the gravity of zero the body will think to eliminate them, and as we know, the animals which are placed at orbit of the earth, the precipitate of calcium in their which are placed at orbit of the earth, the precipitate of calcium in their bones decrease and their bones become supple, and this is a commencement of eliminating of the bones.

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