Grundig 2006 W Phono 
Grundig 2006W Phono
1952 in Fuerth/Bayern/Germany

Case: light brown cherry wood, phono PHILIPS under the lid

Size: (w/h/d) 59 x 37 x 30 cm

Loudspeakers: 1

Antennas: ferrite

Frequencies/Bands: LW, MW, SW, FM

Power: 110/125/220/240 V AC

Tubes/Semicond.: 7 tubes ECH 42, EF 41, EF 41, EB 41, EM71 magic eye, EBC 41, EL 41, selen rectifier

Originally priced: 485 DM

Condition: good

Comments: One of the first UKW-sets, tunable blocking circuit in the antenna interface, 8FM/ 7AM circuits, schematic / Schaltplan

WEGA Jubilar Philips Jupiter 52 
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