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Do you need  Schematics+Tube Data Sheets?

Can you help me completing some radios? See my missing part list and parts/radios to be restored available part list, scrapchassis

Complete listing of all West German tabletops models 50/51 - 60/61, + Portables, TV sets and tape recorders indicating purchase price and year of production

Dating help/listing for early German Transistor Portables 1958-65

How to restore a Volksempfänger VE 301 GW (Nazi radio) 

How to restore a German 50ties tube set 2 examples: Loewe Opta Tempo 710WandKörting Trixor 52
( I live in Munich / Bavaria and sometimes do restoration / repair projects of tube radios also for friends.)

How to restore an American hot tail radio e.g. Emerson 410 (ballast resistor in the line cord)

Some of my favorite links - mainly europeen radio sites

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Virtual Museum of Pre WW2
  • my and oldest one Telefunken T32A from 1931/32, special SW+MW TRF, 3 R-tubes, batteries operated, a revolver is rotated to change the coils
  • Philips type 2038, high impedance loudspeaker
  • DKE Volksempfänger called "Goebbels Schnauze" = Goebbels gob
  • Siemens 53 WL bakelite 2 circuit TRF with doors "Gentleman in Tails"
  • DUX Radio probably from Sweden or Holland
  • Mende MS205W Mende superhet with bakelite case
  • Mende ME151GW Mende TRF with wooden case

  • Poor restart after Worldwar II
  • Lorenz Einkreisempfänger wooden case, with only 1 tube, built with material retrieved form the ruins
  • RFT-Stern Typ 1U11 another single tuned circuit set already in bakelite case, a poor radio with poor performance
  • Philetta 1950 bakelite compact set
  • Telefunken Capriccio 50 with Adapter UKW 1C on the backside 
    Economic Miracle "Wirtschaftswunder" of the Fifties/Sixties 
  • WEGA Jubilar, 1949, beautiful stylish root wood case, full size tabletop, magic eye, LW, MW, SW.
  • Grundig 2006W Phono tabletop 1952, early integr. FM set,  magic eye, FM/SW/MW/LW playing fine
  • Philips Jupiter 52 wooden tabletop, early integr. FM set, 4 knobs, no keys, mag. eye
  • Mende Bremen wooden tabletop 1953, mag. eye
  • Siemens Kleinsuper 53 - bakelite - coming soon
  • Eumig 380U Austrian compact wood radio with magic eye "Fächer"
  • Neckermann 20130 bakelite with magic eye "Fächer", w/rectifier tube for plate voltage
  • Graetz Super 164W from 1952/53
  • Loewe Opta Meteor 54 wooden tabletop, 7 tubes, mag. eye
  • Loewe Opta Venus 55 wooden tabletop, 7 tubes, 2 speakers, mag. eye
  • Philips Philetta 1955 very popular compact set
  • Philetta Phonokoffer 1955 rare portable Philetta version with disc player
  • Loewe Opta Tempo 710W perfectly restored compact bakelite set from 1955
  • Schaub Pirol 56 GWU - bakelite - coming soon
  • Reella a compact french tabletop
  • ZVEZDA russian red star 1954 design model
  • Siemens A60 , extremely compact plastic tube set from 1956/57, extremely budget, similar to Nora Menuett
  • Körting 710W wooden tabletop, 7 tubes, 3 speakers 1956/57
  • Nordmende Fidelio U30 HiFi, a fullsize tabletop with 4 speakersphoto
  • Graetz Sinfonia 522 large tabletop with compressor speaker
  • Telefunken Jubilate 9 wooden compact set with magic eye
  • Grundig 3039 wooden tabletop, 6 tubes, magic eye band shaped
  • Nordmende Phono-Super 1962 early Stereo with 8 tubes
  • Grundig 87a compact budget radio, plasic case
  • Grundig 2140 wooden standard tabletop
  • Telefunken Jubilate K 1351 wooden compact radio of the 60'
  • Philetta 12 RB 263 late Philetta model in creme plasitc case, circa 1963

  • Portables, Dating help/listing for early German Transistor Portables 1958-65 
  • Grundig Reisesuper 1949, Grundigs first tube portable, later named "Boy"
  • Schaub Camping II, tube portable with SW/MW/SW/FM
  • Schaub Amigo II, tube portable - small brother of Camping II only with SW/MW/LW
  • Turist Russian tube portable from 1956 in beautiful red catalin case
  • Tesla Orient wonderful stylish bakelite portable from Cechoslovakia 1956
  • Schaub-Lorenz Weekend 57- coming soon
  • Akkord Pinguette tube portable in lizard leather case - coming soon
  • Grundig UKW-Concert-BOY 58, tube portable, wooden case coverd with leatherette
  • Quelle Simonetta similar Südfunk beautiful cream coloured leatherette with gold coloured metal
  • Blaupunkt Derby 21500 a beautiful early transistor portable with chrome/leatherette case
  • Philips Nicolette small transistor in brown leatherette case 1964/65
  • Siemens Cordly RK29, one of the last handheld transistors "Made in Germany"
  • Meisterton AM/FM Japan transistor 1964 
    Voice/Sound Recording and miscellanea 
  • ELECTROMAG wire recorder, another about 12 kg heavy, all insciptions at the switches and connectors in french, - who knows more about this set?
  • Minifon P55 wire dictaphone extremely miniature with 30 V anode tubes
  • Tefifon KC1/Ra from about 1958 plays flexible grammophon tape from cassettes
  • Grundig Reporter semi professional magnetophone from 1953
  • Telefunken Magnetophon 75 early 1/2 track tape recorder with tubes - This set was my greatest fun in teenage.
  • Grundig TK 20 tape recorder
  • Ing. F. Eben Simonetta portable tape recorder
  • Coffee Grinder, last but not least - see my first animated gif 
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