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Page last updated on August 22nd, 2005
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Pedigrees are listed alphabetically by name. Click on a name to view that pedigree.

Band of Angels, 1968 brown mare
Bar The Thought, 1975 bay mare
Barbara L, 1947 bay mare
Bart B S, 1947 grey horse
Bartendress, 1980 bay mare
BCR Cindy Lou, 1987 brown mare
Bedawee, 1976 grey mare
Belles And Bows, 1980 sorrel mare
Black Easter Bunny, 1949 black mare
Black Sable, 1976 black mare
Blonde Joan, 1954 sorrel mare
Bobby Beduino, 1989 grey horse
Bunny's Bar Maid, 1959 brown mare
Byou Bird, 1970 chestnut mare
Can't Copy, 1971 bay mare
Chick Called Sue, 1973 brown mare
Clabber, 1936 sorrel horse
Daddy Hold On, 1982 sorrel horse
Dash For Cash, 1973 sorrel horse
Dash For Speed, 1985 sorrel mare
Dashs Dream, 1981 sorrel mare
Dee Dee, 1939 bay horse
Denim N Diamonds, 1977 brown mare
Down Home Dash, 1988 bay horse
Easy Date, 1972 bay mare
Easy Henryetta, 1985 chestnut mare
Ed Grimley, 1989 bay gelding
Femmes Frolic, 1989 bay gelding
First Down Dash, 1984 sorrel horse
Five Oclock Rush, 1980 red roan mare
Florentine, 1984 brown mare
Flying Bob, horse
Four Forty Blast, 1990 chestnut gelding
Go Go Heidi, 1984 grey mare
Go Josie Go, 1962 sorrel mare
Go Man Go, 1953 roan horse
He Flys, 1973 bay gelding
Heavy Spender, 1987 sorrel mare
Howdy Jones, 1967 brown gelding
Ichie Richie, 1980 brown mare
Joe Reed II, 1936 chestnut horse
Junos Request, 1988 bay mare
Laico Bird, 1965 brown mare
Leading Star, 1979 brown mare
Lord Winsalot, 1974 sorrel gelding
Make It My Day, 1989 sorrel mare
Mark T Bars, 1965 bay gelding
Mars Blackman, 1992 brown gelding
Mary Poppins, 1963 brown mare
Miss Jettie Leo, 1980 palomino mare
Mr Eye Opener, 1990 grey horse
Mr Juniper Bar, 1960 brown gelding
Ms Diamond Bailey, 1979 sorrel mare
Nobody's Friend, 1939 black horse
Okey Dokey Dale, 1996 brown horse
On A High, 1981 brown horse
Osceola Warrior, 1986 sorrel horse
Pie In The Sky, 1977 bay horse
Queenie, 1937 bay mare
Rare Jet, 1980 bay horse
Red Juniper, 1950 grey mare
Refrigerator, 1988 bay gelding
Rocket Wrangler, 1978 sorrel horse
Royal Down Dash, 1990 sorrel mare
Sassy T Bars, 1960 bay mare
Savannah Jr, 1963 grey horse
Sgt Pepper Feature, 1978 bay gelding
Shue Fly, 1937 chestnut mare
Sky Hemp, 1981 brown mare
SLM Big Daddy, 1992 brown gelding
Smooth Coin, 1970 sorrel mare
Spotted Wayne, 1967 grey horse
Strawberry Silk, 1987 grey mare
Sweet N Special, 1987 sorrel mare
Take Her Tol, 1987 bay mare
Timeto Thinkrich, 1971 brown horse
Tolltac, 1981 bay horse
Victory Dash, 1983 sorrel horse
Winalota Cash, 1993 bay gelding
Yankee Dash, 1982 brown mare
Yankee Win, 1980 brown mare

Disclaimer All pedigrees compiled and researched by Jen. These pages are my hobby and are for reference only. Since I am human, errors can, and do occur. Neither I, nor Geocities are responsible for any sort of damages due to this. I suggest that to verify this information you write to the respective registries. If you do come across any errors, have problems, or would like to see a certain horse added, bring it to my attention by writing to me at [email protected].
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