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Page last updated on August 22nd, 2005
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This page is one of my hobbies that I do in my spare time. Pedigrees for all six of the main racing breeds can be found here. On the Thoroughbred page you will find that most of the horses listed there are those that have been used in the Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Paint Horse breeding programs. This means you're not likely to see such horses as Sunday Silence, Silver Charm, but instead will see *Beduino, Duck Dance, etc.

    These pages came about when I started the Arabian page in June 1999, with the other breeds following in August of that year. This is still a fledgling project as I work full time so can't put in the time that I would like to on it.

Disclaimer All pedigrees compiled and researched by Jen. These pages are my hobby and are for reference only. Since I am human, errors can, and do occur. Neither I, nor Geocities are responsible for any sort of damages due to this. I suggest that to verify this information you write to the respective registries. If you do come across any errors, have problems, or would like to see a certain horse added, bring it to my attention by writing to me at [email protected].
These pages copyrighted © 1999-2005 by Jenniffer Reid

8-22-2005 Added pedigrees for the Quarter Horses Can't Copy, Black Sable, Miss Jettie Leo, Mary Poppins, Dee Dee, Flying Bob, Bart B S, Go Go Heidi, Spotted Wayne, the Thoroughbred mares Mable Tet(with just QH foals for now), April Forty First, and Appaloosa mare April J J.

10-28-2004 Added pedigrees for the Appaloosas Willie Snicker, and Winter Wheat. Updated the page for Winter Silence.

3-20-2004 Added pedigrees for the Thoroughbreds Good Bird, and AQHA Hall of Fame mare Cherry Lake, as well as Quarter Horses Texas Lad, Blonde Joan, and mother and daughter Black Easter Bunny and Bunny's Bar Maid.

3-5-2004 Added pedigrees for the Quarter Horses Make It My Day, Easy Henryetta, Four Forty Blast, Leading Star, Sgt Pepper Feature, Femme, and Femmes Frolic.

11-24-2003 Added pedigrees for the Quarter Horses Junos Request, BCR Cindy Lou, and Laico Bird.

6-30-2003 Added pedigree for the Quarter Horse mare Sky Hemp.

6-25-2003 Added pedigree for the Quarter Horse mare Five Oclock Rush.

6-12-2003 Added pedigrees for Champion Quarter Horse Ed Grimley and his dam Ichie Richie, Broodmare of the Year Timeto Takeoff, and Champion Royal Down Dash, Standardbred 2000 HOTY Gallo Blue Chip, and Appaloosa Stakes Winner Winter Silence.


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